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Product Highlight - Kanger Subox Nano

Posted by The Vape Mall on

The Long awaited  Kanger Subox Nano has finally hit the market and today we will take a closer look at this small, sleek and appealing kit. The Subox Nano much like the Subox Mini comes with the 50 watt mod, a Kanger Subtank, and a charger. Unlike the Subox Mini though there is no RBA deck with the nano as it is not compatible with this tank. At first glance it looks pretty much like a small Subox Mini with different color options. Those options are all black(no red like the Subox Mini), purple and pink. Kanger is pretty much playing to the female market with this setup while still offering black for those who want it. It is a little smaller and the Subtank Nano is also smaller holding only 3ml which is still on par with the Aspire Atlantis. The tank itself is no different than the other Subtank Nano's that have been on the market for a while, other than the option of the tank color being black, purple, or pink. 

The mod much like it's big brother fires up to 50 watts. The mod is a little smaller than the Subox Mini but not too small and will work fine for any vaper. The mod does require a single 18650 battery with a recommended 20A discharge rating or higher that is not included and it can be charged with the included USB charger, although we recommend putting the battery on a quality dedicated charger such as a Nitecore or Xtra for safety and longevity of the battery. Short circuit protection, adjustable wattage in .1 increments, and 10 second overtime usage protection are some of the many features of the Subot Nano Mod. 

The tip on the Nano tank is made of delrin and does not seem to get as warm as the standard nano tank. It does have slightly improved airflow over the original nano. It does come with .5ohm and 1.5ohm coils which are the new vertical design Kanger recently came out with. 

Overall the Kanger Subox Nano kit is a great kit for a new vaper, someone wanting to get into sub ohming, or even a seasoned vaper looking for a new compact device that will deliver a lot of flavor with great cloud production. Ths Kanger Subox Nano can be purchased here.

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