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Newbie Vapers: Learning The Vaping Lingo

Posted by David on

New to Vaping

For those who are brand new to vaping, getting into the vaping world can be pretty difficult. From the technology being upgraded and revamped every single day to the many different parts and styles of devices, every single aspect of the industry requires some serious knowledge to just stay afloat. By far one of the biggest challenges to entering this world is learning the language and lingo. Chances are you’ve heard some of the vaping vets chatting about the latest MODs, or perhaps raving over the newest set of e-liquids to hit the shelves. There’s a rich set of words that mean things specific to vaping, and we’ll go over some of the most important ones for you to know.

One of the most important terms to know is “e-liquid”. E-liquids are one of the main reasons that vaping has taken off, as both the wacky, off-the-wall flavors and the more realistic flavors have captured the attention of many. These are what make the vapor that you breathe in, and these are what contain the flavors that you can taste so well. These liquids usually consist of some percentage of nicotine, vegetable glycerin (VG) or propylene glycol (PG) as a preservative, and synthesized or natural flavorings. E-liquid is sometimes referred to as “juice” or just “liquid”, so be wary of these terms when you’re reading or talking about vaping. Other terms you will hear are vape juice, and ejuice. 

Another critical set of terms is the type and technique for vaping. Atomizers, clearomizers, and cartomizers are the three types. Atomizer contain a coil that heats up when the battery is turned on. As the coil heats up, the e-liquid also heats up and at a certain point turns into the vapor that you then pull into your mouth. Atomizers can either have e-liquid dripped in manually or with a wicking material that soaks up slightly more e-liquid. Cartomizers are a slightly outdated type of atomizer with a spot for e-liquid storage. These cannot generally be refilled easily, and are mostly phased out of production due to this inconvenience. Clearomizers are surging in popularity due to the ease of access they bring. These are completely transparent, meaning you can see how much e-liquid is left for you to use. This allows you to not get a nasty, burnt flavor when you run out of juice since you can prevent the juice from ever running out.

Definitely one of the most important segments you can know is how the devices themselves are classified. You may have looked at this a little, but knowing the three major device classifications is something every vapes should know. The most basic type is the electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette. These are devices that are made to somewhat emulate traditional cigarettes, and are primarily marketed toward beginning vapes or people who are attempting to transition from cigarette smoking to the better alternative option. The amount of vapor is limited due to airflow design made to imitate traditional cigarettes. The next level up are the portable vaporizers and vape pens. These are for more experienced vapers, and generally feature more advanced technology. Some include variable voltage (vv) and wattage control (wc), which allow for more precise control over the exact temperature and power that the vape liquid is heated up. More vapor is produced, and models are tailored for the user’s needs. The final step in devices is the MOD. These are true powerhouses, and are endlessly customizable. They are designed so parts can be easily swapped in and out. Furthermore, they’re made for sub-ohm vaping - a technique that allows for massive amounts of vapor to be produced. A keyword to pick up with these devices is “temp control”.

Though we definitely didn’t cover all of the vaping lingo, understanding these terms at a conceptual level will definitely help you get your feet of the ground. With these words in mind, hopefully the next time you go shopping for your next device or e-liquid, you’ll understand what’s being talked about. Knowing these words and of course their meanings will help the learning process move along much faster, and before you know it, you’ll be a vaping expert.

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