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KANGER PANGU TANK: The Best Flavor and Clouds For You

Posted by David on

Kanger Pangu Tank

The KANGERPANGU TANK is another item in their line of products that’s aimed at maximizing flavor and vapor. The Pangu tank complements this system and uses quality craftsmanship with innovative design to create a flexible, powerful build. Vape builders of different levels will want to add it to their collection for a reliable, quality device that packs a nice amount of power.

The quality of this standard 3.5ml tank is evident as soon as you take it out of the box. Its stainless steel design accents the Pyrex glass container with PANGU etched in a stroke-like font across the base for a clean, modern look. Kanger's new condensation reclamation system works with its well-crafted seals and design to prevent leakage and clogs.

The Kanger Pangu Tank takes advantage of Kanger's new "Clean Hands System" that allows coils to be replaced without getting e-liquid on your hands and clothes. The design of this system is very different from standard coils - rather than coils resting at the bottom of the atomizer, they run along the length of the tank in a tube.

For experienced vapers, the Pangu tank is perfect for normal or sub-ohm vaping, depending on your coil choice. The .5 ohm coil is rated for wattage from 15 to 50W for amazing sub-ohm vapor, while the 1.5 ohm coil provides intense flavor at 10 to 26W. The unique design should be suitable for direct lung vaping and mouth-to-lung vaping, depending on user preference.

Vapers will appreciate the flexibility of vaping with the Pangu tank. The e-juice control is manipulated easily by twisting the wick in the tube behind the drip tip to increase contact between the coils and juice. The wide, dual air vents on the bottom control airflow with a standard adjustment ring, and the length of the coil tube is 8mm in diameter for incredibly powerful flow if desired.

So if you’re looking at designing your next original build, the Kanger Pangu Tank provides high power and flexible vaping options that’re sure to impress.

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