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Identical Ratios For E-Liquids on The Outside, Different on the Inside

Posted by David on

If you've only recently discovered salt nic e-liquids, you might be wondering exactly what it is about this type of liquid that makes it so radically different from conventional e-juices. There are still many vapers out there who don't completely understand why they can't just use a salt-based liquid with their sub-ohm MOD. 

The truth is that these two types of e-liquids are extremely different from each other because of the kind of nicotine that they contain. Nic salt juice is a bit more demanding than its freebase counterpart, meaning that the rules are a little stricter when it comes to how it's enjoyed. This especially applies to the amount of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) that's in this type of liquid.

How Salt Nic Vape Juice is Different from Freebased Nic Vape Juice

Freebase nicotine is a chemically modified form of nicotine that was invented by the tobacco industry. It's notorious for feeling extremely harsh when vaped in high concentrations. For this reason, many vapers have opted for low-nicotine juices that are vaped at high wattage levels.

Now that we have salt nic e-liquid, we can enjoy high nicotine levels without having to set our devices at high wattage levels. Nic salt is extracted straight from the tobacco plant. It doesn't feel harsh when consumed in high concentrations, meaning that vapers can experience the satisfaction that they crave after just a couple of puffs.

Why Ratio Matters

If you've been vaping freebased e-juice for a while, you know that the ratio of VG to PG greatly determines the size of your clouds, the throat hit and the intensity of the flavor. High levels of vegetable glycerin promote thick, large clouds while high levels of propylene glycol encourage a stronger hit to the throat.

With salt nic vape juice, however, there is less wiggle room in terms of the ratio of these two ingredients. That's because salt-based nicotine requires a very specific output range in order to be vaped properly. Messing with the ratio of the base too much can make a nic salt liquid incapable of turning into vapor.

Why 50/50 is the Gold Standard of Salt-Based E-Liquids

You'll probably find that almost every salt nic e-liquid that you come across has a base of 50/50 VG/PG. Manufacturers of nic salt juice products have found that this is the magic ratio when it comes to ensuring the most vaping satisfaction.

The fact that this ratio is so popular has to do with the devices that are designed for them. It’s only compatible with pod systems that have low wattage levels and a very specific type of coil. If the ratio is a little off, the liquid can either burn or struggle to evaporate.

Note: If you're interested in creating your own, sticking to the 50/50 ratio is a safe bet.

Keep These Nic Salt Tips Handy

If you're ready to switch to a salt-based e-liquid, it's important to recognize that the ratio is extremely important. The amount of VG and PG in your batch can make or break your vape session.

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