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How to DIY Vape with Salt-Based E-Liquids

Posted by David on

By now, it's safe to say that salt nic e-liquids aren't going anywhere. The popularity of this type of juice continues to climb as the industry advances. These days, you can find a wide array of pod-based systems that are compatible with them. You can also find plenty of popular brands that are selling their most popular flavors in the form of salt nic vape juices. 

However, if you're a DIY vaper who craves that hit of nicotine, you're probably wondering how you can create your own salt nicotine juice concoctions. Fortunately, making your own batches isn't that different from making conventional/freebased e-liquids that are compatible with sub-ohm systems. Thanks to the enormous popularity of nic salts, it is extremely easy to find the ingredients needed to make DIY juices that deliver that blast of pure salt-based nicotine.

What is Salt Nic E-Juice?

Up until recently, nicotine lovers who vaped had to rely on e-liquids that were made with freebase nicotine. This type of nicotine was specially created to be highly potent. The problem with freebase nicotine is that when it's vaped in high concentrations, it becomes extremely harsh due to the level of heat that the e-liquid must achieve to turn into vapor.

Now, there's salt-based nicotine. Derived from the tobacco plant, salt-based nicotine provides the vape enthusiast with a satisfying throat hit and an enjoyable nicotine buzz without any of that harshness for which freebase nicotine is known. This means that vape enthusiasts can finally enjoy vape juices that contain high levels of nicotine without hurting their throat.

The Benefits of Making DIY Salt Nic Liquid

Making your own DIY salt nic vape juice allows you to be in control of your flavor experience. It also saves you a lot of money. If you're already a DIY vaper who craves lots of nicotine, making salt nic juice will provide you with incredible satisfaction. Plus, you can probably find that you vape less frequently because the high nicotine concentration takes care of your cravings in a way that freebase nicotine cannot.

How to Make Your Own Salt Nic Vape Juice Batches

When making your own juice, always take safety and cleanliness into consideration. It's always suggested that you wear gloves and goggles when working with nicotine.

Step #1: Make your salt nicotine juice by blending together propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). Typically, salt nicotine liquids have an even base because PG adds to the pleasant throat hit that nicotine lovers crave.

Step #2: Add your flavoring agents. Flavoring ingredients make up about 10 percent of a salt nic e-liquid. Be sure to use high-quality ingredients for a satisfying vaping experience.

Step #3: Add your salt nicotine base. You can find this base online at The Vape Mall. The standard amount of salt-based nicotine that's added to a juice is .5mL for every 10mL of juice.

Final Step: Pour your DIY salt nic vape juice into bottles.

Easy as Can Be

As you can see, making your own DIY salt nic e-juice is a fairly easy process that can provide you with incredible satisfaction.

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