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Exploring Different Vaping Levels

Posted by David on

Different Vaping Levels

Vaping is an extraordinary habit that offers countless levels based on experience and preference. It’s up to you, the user, to determine which type of vaping works best for you. Most critically, it’s important to test each level of vaping with utmost care to make sure your experience is as amazing as it can be.

For the inexperienced, a perfect way to get into vaping is the disposable e-cigarette. Small and discreet, the disposable e-cig is a cheap and easy option to test out cartridges. By not focusing on technicalities, the disposable lets you direct all of your attention on figuring out the flavors and tastes that are right for you. With nothing to charge and no assembly required (usually), the disposables are perfect choices for instant use—no worrying about how to insert one part into the other or waiting to get your vaping fix required.

Once you are able to get a feel for your favorite flavors of vape juice, the next step is to move up to a traditional-style e-cigarette. While the focus in e-cigarettes still lies in flavors, there’ll be more emphasis on other parts and technologies. Battery size, pulling power, and portability are all some of the many factors you can consider experimenting with in an e-cigarette. Furthermore, e-cigarettes are the perfect option for those transitioning from true cigarettes to vaping, as they simulate the smoking experience more closely than the other options.

After you have settled on as many of the perfect factors as possible in a traditional e-cigarette, it may be wise to upgrade to a true vaporizer. Though e-cigs and vaporizers are based on the same principle of producing vapor rather than smoke, vaporizers do it in a different way. By using gradual heating through a cartomizer, the vaporizer lets more vapor that last even longer be produced. By the time you have upgraded to a true vaporizer, you will be craving the huge clouds that a traditional e-cigarette cannot provide.

The final step in your vaping journey lies in a MOD. MODs are the ultimate powerhouses of the vaping world, with the newest technology and hugest cloud creation potential. If you decide to move up to a MOD, then that means you have ascended to true vaping form—striving for the biggest clouds and the maximum pulling power. With an insane number of different modifications and technological advances, the customization possibilities of your MOD is literally endless.

From disposable e-cigarettes to behemoth MODs, the vape world offers countless options. Each option has unlimited flexibility, making sure you have the power in your hands to make the vaping experience the absolute best it can be. Journeying all the way up the ladder to MODs isn’t suited for everyone. Rather, the journey is meant to let you explore everything up to the point you decide is perfect for you.

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