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Dealing with a Leaky Battery Issue

Posted by David on

One of the most worrying feelings you can have as a vaper is the sense that your device’s battery is leaking. Fortunately, this isn’t a common occurrence - but because of something of that nature being so rare, that in and of itself makes the event even more worrying. If battery leakage has happened to you before, during or after your vape session, then make sure you follow our tips as closely as possible. If you haven’t had this occur, then you’re lucky. However, you should still follow the below tips to keep it from happening in the future.

Batteries for electronic cigarettes or MODs are made from a few standard lithium-ion compounds. The main three types are ICR, with lithium cobalt oxide (LiCoO2); IMR, with lithium manganese (LiMn); and finally, a hybrid of the two with some lithium-cadmium (LiCd) as well. The lithium allows these batteries to be rechargeable and reusable over time, which is how your device can last so many years even when recharging it every day.

However, it’s also the reason that your device is somewhat expensive - lithium is used in many technologically advanced products, and demand for it has increased enough that prices have increased. Because vape batteries are expensive, it’s probably a wise choice to make sure they don’t leak. The fact that lithium is toxic to the human body if absorbed in small quantities is probably another good incentive to make sure your batteries aren’t leaky.

One of the key tips to making sure your device’s battery won’t leak is to simply handle it correctly. For instance, if you’re clumsy and drop your device on the ground often, there’s a high chance that your battery will start leaking. Similarly, if you carelessly toss it onto the hard countertop after every one of your vaping sessions, there is a higher likelihood of one of those throws going awry and causing the battery to crack. Though it may be second nature to you, take the time to gently place your device in a safe spot without much external force applied.

Speaking of safe spots, our second major tip is to keep your vape in a safe spot. Again, if you’re clumsy you might be prone to accidentally dropping objects onto the floor. Now, compare the consequences if you accidentally push your vape off of the top shelf of a cabinet onto a wood floor versus tipping your vape off of a nightstand onto a soft carpet. While these are extreme examples, it’s easy to see that keeping your vape in a spot with many ways to mitigate gravity is a smart choice.

Our final tip for all the vapers out there is to not let your vape battery overheat too much. Repeated instances of overheating your battery can cause the protective casing to expand and contract rapidly, which can cause small cracks to form over time. While most casings are built to withstand this heating and cooling, the materials can only handle so much. Keep an eye on how overheated your battery is getting and try to keep it to a minimum. If your battery does overheat don’t put it on a cold surface or try to cool it down quickly, as this can speed up the process of those small cracks forming.

Vape battery leakage is rare, but you can make it nearly a non-issue with the simple tips above. If you keep your device in a safe, low spot, don’t let it overheat too often, and make sure you handle it gently, then your vaping sessions will never have to be interrupted by a leaky battery.

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