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Best Cereal ELiquid Flavors from The Vape Mall

Posted by David on

Ah, cereal flavors. Once upon a time, we savored our favorite cereals like there was no tomorrow, usually while enjoying our favorite weekend morning cartoons. Of course, nowadays, we have to be more mindful of the sugar that we consume. That’s why cereal-flavored vape juices are so popular among vapers. And, at The Vape Mall, we carry a wide array of exceptionally tasty, authentic cereal-flavored e-liquids that will take care of your cravings while bringing back wonderful memories.

Cereal E-Liquid Flavor #6: Silly Rabbit

There’s nothing like a fruity, crunchy and sugary cereal to pick your mood right back up when you’re feeling down, and this e-juice does just that. Will fill your heart with joy as your taste buds are tricked into thinking you’re really enjoying spoonful after spoonful of the real thing. In fact, the inhale gives you that broad spectrum of fruity tastes that are extra sweet. Berries and citrus fruits dominate as the subtle tangy notes start to come through. Then, that familiar cereal taste takes over. As you exhale, a stream of cold milk tops it all off.

Cereal Flavor #5: Fruit Rings

Who can forget those little loops of neon-colored fruity goodness? Experience a flawless homage to this iconic treat, and we’re certain that every draw will have you grinning from ear to ear. Just don’t be surprised if you feel tempted to watch your favorite cartoons after getting a taste of this one. Each time you take in some vapor, that fruity taste shimmers on the tongue. At first, zesty citrus hits the spot. Then, sweet berries and apples please you immensely. The sugar level becomes intense before a generous splash of creamy goodness dominates.

Cereal Flavor #4: Fruity Flakes

Sweet and savory flavors have a way of making our mouths water profusely, don’t they? If you’re all about those crunchy corn flakes that have a magnificently fruity taste, experience a mouthwatering savory taste before the sugar hits the spot like crazy. On the inhale, the taste of toasted corn makes you salivate like crazy. Little by little, a variety of fruits tantalize the taste buds. Then, the intense sweetness takes over. When you exhale, you’ll enjoy that silky milk.

Cereal Flavor #3: Crunchy Fruit Cereal

Pays homage to those little glazed puffs of corn cereal that’s combined with those bright puffs of crunchy berry-flavored goodness. Also has that sweet and savory taste that we all know and love. As you inhale, the fruity taste takes over the palate as berry notes satisfy you right away. Then, the savory corn taste adds a savory element that balances things out beautifully. Each exhale allows you to enjoy the taste of fresh, rich milk.

Cereal Flavor #2: Crunch Cereal

This best-selling vape juice provides you with the deeply satisfying taste of crunchy puffs of corn cereal that are coated in a sugary glaze. A sweet and savory masterpiece that’s certain to make you feel like you’re reliving some of your favorite early morning memories. The inhale provides your palate with that familiar corn cereal taste that makes you drool immediately. Then, that sugary glaze takes over, making the sweet tooth feel giddy. The exhale drenches every taste bud in succulent milk.

Cereal Flavor #1: Lucky Leprechaun

Who can forget that little leprechaun that filled our taste buds with so much joy? Well, this e-juice pays homage to this legendary cereal and wow does it vape just like the real thing! Each inhale gives you the savory taste of that wheat cereal that’s coated in the perfect amount of sugary glaze. Then, those creamy, sweet marshmallows start teasing your sweet tooth. On the exhale, cold milk saturates the tongue.

Enjoy Your Favorite Crunchy Treat as a Grownup Thanks to The Vape Mall!

These six cereal flavors are certain to satisfy that nostalgia while giving your vaping sweet tooth everything that it wants and more. 

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