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Best Candy Flavors For 2018 From The Vape Mall

Posted by David on

Who wants candy? At The Vape Mall, you can get all of your favorite candy flavors in e-juice form. As you know, The Vape Mall uses the best ingredients out there to deliver their signature candy flavors. If you're looking for the very best candy-inspired tastes that they offer, you've come to the right place.

We've created a list of the very best flavors at The Vape Mall that trick your sweet tooth into thinking that you've got a mouthful of candy.

Candy Vape Flavor #5: Cinnamon Red Hot

Cinnamon Red Hot vape juice is the ultimate treat for those who crave some spice with their sugar. The hot cinnamon flavor sets your tongue on fire before its sugary finish mellows you out and satisfies your candy cravings. On the inhale, Cinnamon Red Hot e-juice splashes fiery cinnamon flavor onto the tongue. As your taste buds start burning, a rush of sugary sweetness comes to the rescue. When you exhale, the balance between sugar and cinnamon is heavenly.

Candy Vape Flavor #4: Butterscotch

Butterscotch vape juice tastes exactly like those sweet and salty candies that melt on the tongue. The creaminess of the butterscotch will soak into your taste buds, allowing its delectable flavor to linger long after you exhale. With each inhale of Butterscotch e-juice, the slightly salty taste of butterscotch hard candy makes your palate drool. Then, the sugary taste slowly crawls its way up to the sweet tooth. When you exhale, rich and creamy butterscotch flavor makes you feel elated all over.

Candy Vape Flavor #3: Sour Apple Candy

Sour Apple Candy vape juice makes you feel like you're reliving your fondest childhood memories. The sourness of the apple shocks your taste buds in the best way possible before that sugary finish makes your sweet tooth go wild. On the inhale, Sour Apple Candy e-juice delivers a punch of sour flavor to the taste buds. As the taste buds start watering, the crisp notes of the green apple refresh you. On the exhale, sugary candy flavor pounds you with satisfaction.

Candy Vape Flavor #2: Chocolate Candy Bar

Chocolate Candy Bar vape juice tastes just like a smooth and rich chocolate bar that's stuffed with layers of sweet tastes. The gooey caramel and creamy nougat will send your taste buds over the moon as that chocolate taste absorbs into the tongue. When you inhale Chocolate Candy Bar e-juice, smooth and silky milk chocolate runs down the tongue, satisfying your chocolate cravings like nothing else. Then, a sticky drizzle of caramel provides richness and a hint of savory flavor. When you exhale, creamy and sweet nougat is like pure ecstasy for the palate.

Candy Vape Flavor #1: Watermelon Candy

Watermelon Candy vape juice delivers the same taste as those sour gummy candies that burst with juicy watermelon flavor. Every puff will make you feel like you're a kid while the sugary finish takes care of your candy-related needs. The juiciness of the candy flavor will satisfy your thirst on warm summer days. With each inhale of Watermelon Candy e-juice, the sourness of the candy flavor soaks your tongue and makes your mouth pucker. Then, the sourness dissipates and crisp, refreshing watermelon juice cools you down. When you exhale, pure sugar smacks you in the sweet tooth.

Give Your Sweet Tooth Some Vaping Enjoyment

These five candy flavors from The Vape Mall will satisfy any sugar fiend. Each e-liquid delivers the authentic taste of the candies that you most adore. Best of all, these vapes give you permission to indulge in the most sinful flavors without worrying about calories or cavities.

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