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Best 2021 Cereal-Flavored E-Juices from The Vape Mall

Posted by David on

There are all kinds of categories of e-liquids in our industry, including desserts, creams, fruits, tobaccos, menthols, candies – you name it, and there’s an e-juice that has the flavor profile to match. But, one type of flavor that vapers keep coming back to time and time again is cereal.

Cereal vapes just seem to hit the spot in ways that few other types of flavors can. One puff and we feel like we’re sitting on the couch watching the those classic morning programs. Of course, the flavor profiles associated with popular cereals never stop tantalizing our taste buds, but there comes a point when we can’t justify having a breakfast so high in sugar any longer.

Which Cereal-Flavored E-Juices are Available at The Vape Mall?

Cereal vape juices satisfy the cravings without the calories, making them a no-brainer for any vaper with a sweet tooth such as these delights available on our website.

Cereal Flavored E-Juice #6: Fruity Flakes

If you like your cereal to have a fruity kick, but still enjoy that slightly savory note, then look no further than Fruity Flakes. This masterful creation takes flaked corn cereal and blends it with fruit cereal in just the right amount to provide that sweet and savory balance that we’re always chasing.

The inhale allows you to enjoy that familiar corn cereal flavor that gets the mouth instantly watering, followed by a smattering of different fruity tastes that are heavy on the sweetness, becoming sugary just in time for the exhale.

Cereal-Flavored E-Juice #5: Crispy Crunch

Crispy Crunch is a crispy rice cereal that’s coated in a sugary exterior, offering up a sweet and savory flavor profile that makes the palate feel nothing short of euphoric. It has everything you could ask for in a cereal vape, with the balance of flavors being simply impeccable.

On the inhale, the e-liquid provides a savory, almost nutty taste that quickly turns sweet. As the flavor lingers on the taste buds, its sugary notes become more and more prominent. When you exhale, you’ll notice a glorious balance between the sweet and savory side of things.

Cereal-Flavored E-Juice #4: Fruity Rings

For those who prefer the iconic loops, there is Fruity Rings. This vape juice is a cereal consisting of sugary, crunchy loops of fruity goodness, in a variety of fruits all at once to keep your taste buds fully enticed and entranced.

As you take an inhale of Fruity Rings, you’re instantly introduced to a broad range of flavors all at once, including lemon, strawberry, grape, orange, and apple. The flavor gets sugary as time goes on, culminating in a sweet tooth-gratifying exhale.

Cereal-Flavored E-Juice #3: Lucky Leprechaun

Lucky Leprechaun is a particularly decadent cereal option consisting of frosted savory cereal and fluffy marshmallows that offer plenty of sweetness and creaminess. It tastes exactly like the iconic cereal that inspired it, so that you’ll feel beyond satiated after every pull of vapor.

It starts out with the nutty, savory cereal taste that gets sweeter and sweeter along the way. The exhale slams your palate with crunchy marshmallow dreaminess that sends the sweet tooth over the moon.

Cereal-Flavored E-Juice #2: Fruit Crunch

Truly a stellar option for fruity cereal lovers is Fruit Crunch, a savory, sugar-glazed corn cereal with little balls of crunchy fruit cereal mixed in. It’s the ultimate flavor for those who can’t decide what they want, as it offers the best of both worlds.

The inhale gives you that glorious sweet and savory taste with the nutty undertone of corn, followed by a variety of fruity flavors that each hit the spot, including berries and bright citrus. The sugary exhale makes you swoon with delight.

Cereal-Flavored E-Juice #1: Silly Rabbit

Silly Rabbit offers a phenomenal flavor profile that’s just like the cereal that you love. This fruit-flavored corn cereal is so spot-on that you’ll swear you’re crunching on the real thing, with the perfect sweetness level to hit the spot time and time again.

The first thing you’ll notice is the sweet corn taste that instantly tantalizes your taste buds. Then comes the fruity notes of berries and citrus, followed by a wonderful sugary finish.

Savor the Delicious Cereal Flavors at The Vape Mall

If you’re a cereal fanatic, you’ll want to explore these tasty vapes at The Vape Mall and choose one that satisfies your cravings. All of the above are delicious in their own way, so select a flavor based on the cereal that you most enjoy to this day.

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