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A MOD Type Battle: Regulated vs. Unregulated

Posted by David on

Vaping ModsOne of the biggest debates that’s waged over the local vape store’s counter is whether regulated or unregulated MODs are better. Fans of both will never cease to printout the good sides of their favorite devices while incessantly calling out the flaws of the other type. In reality, there are upsides and downsides of both MOD types. Each has certain actions they do better while struggling in other areas.

Regulated MODs are probably the type of MOD you’re used to seeing and using most.  A regulated MOD is a device that has a current regulating circuit. Current is regulated to ensure that resistance and voltage do not stray too far from the required amounts. Overloading of current could cause parts to wear out extremely fast, or in worst case scenarios spontaneously melt or burn around the heated parts. Current regulation is done through a circuit board in the MOD, designed specifically for this purpose.

There are many benefits of having a regulated MOD. For instance, it is thought that the current regulation helps the battery to retain charge through more cycles. The aforementioned circuitry helps the MOD stay safe by not letting extraneous heat get through that would potentially be harmful. The regulated MODs are also designed for ease of use. Most come with a well-lit and easy to navigate digital display. The display generally shows battery lifespan, voltage, wattage, and ohm range. This general simplicity lends itself more toward vapers who are just moving into MODs from either electronic cigarettes or vape pens. There is no significant danger inherent to the devices, as the circuitry does everything to protect the user for them. Every step is laid out in front of the user, so as to make a simple introduction to the world of Modding. Furthermore, regulated MODs are generally cheaper than unregulated types. They are in the market at a lower price point because companies know more consumers will buy them if they are not priced on the high end of the market.

On the other hand, unregulated MODs are practical behemoths of the scene. At one time most cloud chasers prefered unregulated MODs to regulated ones due to the even bigger clouds of vapor they can produce. These devices do not have a circuit board and cannot control the flow of power through the device. Mechanical mods and semi-mechanical mods fall into this category. Not having a circuit board allows these MODs to have a significantly increased wattage output. This allows even lower ohmage use in the coils, which in turn increases vapor output. Alongside this increased vapor production lies an increased ability to actually modify the device. Since there is no intrinsic circuit board and not much to the actual devices, new segments and parts are easy to wire in. There is a safety issue with an unregulated mod. With out proper knowledge of how the ohm the coil is and the discharge amp of the battery the user may cause some serious issues. Knowing ohms law is very important. And knowing the safety issues when using an unregulated or even regulated device is also important. Along with not using cheap generic batteries. Unregulated mods have been in a news a bit lately due to safety issues and explosions. This is often due to user error and using batteries that are not rated for a high discharge amp.

In essence, what type of MOD you choose entirely comes down to how you vape and your mod knowledge. However the trend recently has been more for regulation mods over any other type due to them being safer and easier to use along with many different options from various manufactures and very reasonable prices. Choosing the right MOD for your preferences is essential to having an amazing and long-lasting vaping experience.

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