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3 Quick Ways for Accelerating The E-Liquid Steeping Process

Posted by David on

The Vape Mall Speed Steeping Vape Juice

Steeping your e-liquid is a time-intensive process, but as many vapers can attest to, it’s completely worth it. The simple process enriches flavors in a deep way, giving your juice the tastes that the tastemakers and flavor engineers truly intended. However, it does take an extreme amount of time - especially if you’re an impatient type of person. Fortunately, there are some ways you can easily accelerate the steeping process, taking it from a potentially month long task to just a week or two.

Here, we’ll talk about three quick ways to speed up the juice steeping process:

Steeping Acceleration Process #1: Periodic Heating
The normal steeping process calls for a brief heating at the beginning, usually in a hot water bath. Almost none of these beginner techniques say that you can continue heating at daily intervals to continue oxidizing the flavor compounds and nicotine molecules. This’ll easily speed up the steeping process by letting more oxygen molecules encounter the intrinsic molecules.

Steeping Acceleration Process #2: Rice Heating
This one is a little bit wacky. Here, all you need is that bag of dry rice that’s been sitting in your kitchen cabinet for a while. Pour enough into a bowl that it’ll completely cover your bottle of e-liquid, then warm up the rice to a hot temperature. Next, put the juice bottle in the hot rice and wait until the rice cools. Repeat this as long or as short as you desire to achieve that steeped taste. Generally, those who follow this method say that repeating it at least five times will do the trick, but up to ten times will achieve the deepest, richest flavors.

Steeping Acceleration Process #3: Crock Pot
This is a great method if you need to leave for the day but want your  vape juice to still steep fast. If you have a crock pot, just turn it on to its lowest heat setting and drop your e-liquid bottle in. Leave it in the heat all day, and by the time you come back it should be properly steeped. If you’re worried about the heat being too much, just take it out after a few hours. Now alternatively (and especially if you don’t use your crock pot much), you can leave it in for up to two days to achieve a full, rich flavor.

With these three methods you should be able to steep your e-juice faster and more efficiently than ever before. Try them out and let us know what you think.

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