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Top 5 Euphoric E-Liquid Flavors from The Vape Mall

Posted by David on

A lot of vapers started out their hobby looking for a convenient way to get in that perfect amount of nicotine each day. Then, they discovered that there is a whole other aspect of vaping that can provide even more satisfaction, which is flavor.

What The Vape Mall Has to Offer

We have got some particularly euphoric e-liquid flavors that are capable of truly entrancing your senses whenever you take in a nice, big cloud.

Euphoric E-Liquid Flavor #5: Pink Bubbly

Pink Bubbly is the ultimate vape for those moments when you want to simply savor the moment. Ideal for vaping after a long day, this e-juice provides the enchanting taste of bubbly champagne complete with fresh, bright pink berries that pop with their succulent juices as soon as they touch the tongue.

On the inhale, the tartness and tang of the fruity component bursts on the palate, refreshing you instantly. Then, that soothingly dry champagne taste soaks into the taste buds, followed by crisp sweetness and an invigorating effervescence.

Euphoric E-Liquid Flavor #4: Strawmallow

Strawmallow is the type of vape that is so shamelessly decadent, you’ll feel waves of ecstasy sweep across your body whenever that vapor touches the tongue. This dessert-inspired treat combines freshly picked, juicy strawberries with creamy, gooey marshmallows that are as sweet and rich as can be. It’s a vape that will make anyone with a sweet tooth feel intense bliss.

As you draw in the vapor, the brightness of the berries hits the spot, while becoming sweeter and juicier as the nectar travels across the tongue. Then comes the phenomenal creaminess of the marshmallows. On the exhale, the perfect amount of sugar elates you.

Euphoric E-Liquid Flavor #3: Vanilla Custard V2

Vanilla Custard V2 is an outstanding custard flavor that’s one of the most realistic that the market has to offer today. It’s so fresh and high-quality that you’ll taste the buttery yolks, the cream straight from the farm and the vanilla beans.

Once you pull the vapor into your mouth, the richness hits you right off the bat, as the warmth and smoothness of the vanilla creeps along the tongue. When you exhale, the perfect amount of sweetness arrives as the creaminess feels like velvet along the palate.

Euphoric E-Liquid Flavor #2: Cake Batter

Cake Batter is the type of vape that is so luxuriously yummy, you’ll forget about all of your worries the second you take an inhale. Made for those who yearn for the real thing on a regular basis, there’s no way you’ll be able to stop yourself from smiling as you take puff after puff.

At first, the smooth vanilla glides over the tongue, followed by that classic yellow cake taste. When you exhale, the sweetness and the buttery notes collide to evoke intense euphoria.

Euphoric E-Liquid Flavor #1: Creamy Coconut

Creamy Coconut is one of those vapes that’s equally decadent and refreshing. The tropical nature of this fruit makes you feel like you’re in paradise, while its seductive creaminess makes you feel ecstatic from head to toe.

The inhale gives you that exotic taste that instantly transports you to a gorgeous island beach. The sweetness builds and builds on the tongue as the flavor drifts across the mouth. On the exhale, the creamy notes linger on the palate.

Experience Pure Vaping Bliss at The Vape Mall

There are plenty of vape juices that can get you into a state of intense euphoria thanks to their exquisite flavorful profiles that are both decadent and calming at the same time. Choose any these or perhaps others available on our site for some potentially intense sensory pleasure.

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