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Top 3 Starter Kits at The Vape Mall

Posted by David on

It seems like each day, there's a new vaping system that has taken the industry by storm. With so many incredible brands out there creating state-of-the-art starter kits, it's very hard to keep up. If you're wondering which starter kits are better than the rest, you've come to the right place. 

These three starter kits are exceptional thanks to innovative technology and brilliant design. Plus, they're all made by highly trusted brands that vape enthusiasts know and love.

Starter Kit #3: The Tesla WYE 200W TC Kit W/H8 Tank

A highly unique vaping system for several reasons. Most impressively, this unit is remarkably lightweight because it can achieve 200 watts of power. Despite its remarkably high output capabilities, this kit is portable enough to fit into your pocket all day long. The bright OLED display screen makes it easy for vapers to check their stats and customize their vaping sessions. There are several different output modes for those who like to explore different vaping styles. The tank is equally impressive, boasting a high juice capacity and a leak-proof design.

Starter Kit #2: The Joyetech Atopack Dolphin 2100mAh Kit

If portability is your number one priority, this one is for you, since it’s incredibly lightweight and super small. However, the device boasts an incredibly powerful battery, meaning that you should be able to enjoy a whole lot of vaping before it is time to recharge. This battery also gives the unit the juice needed for those spectacular amounts of vapor. Its cartridge can hold 2mL of juice at a time. This tank utilizes the JVIC coil system that boosts flavor and ensures thick, satisfying clouds. Another great feature is the ability to refill your tank with juice without having to remove any of the internal mechanisms.

Starter Kit #1: The Eleaf Basal with GS Basal VV 1500mAh Kit

Ideal for those who want a portable system without losing power or technological sophistication. This uniquely elegant device is incredibly slim, meaning that it can fit into your pocket easily. Boating an extremely powerful battery that's conveniently built into the system, 30 watts of power can happen with ease, it's more powerful than many of the pod mods that are out there right now. The tank boasts an innovative airflow system that lets you truly customize every puff with amazing precision. This kit is also extremely easy to use, making it an excellent choice for beginners.

Which Kit Will You Choose?

Any of these starter kits, whether it be portability, vapor production or pure power, is guaranteed to provide you with the pleasurable vaping experience that you deserve.

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