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Top 3 Fall E-Juices from The Vape Mall

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It is getting colder out and the leaves are changing, which means our flavor profiles are changing too. No longer do we crave the light tastes of summer, as we now crave something a little more robust with the changing season. Much like our desire for certain foods change in the Fall, so does our taste in vape juice flavors .

Fall E-Juice Flavor #3: Candy Corn
There's a huge debate on whether candy corn is good and worthy of this list, but those in favor of this Fall season snack are diehard fans and defend it vehemently. If you fall into the previously described category, then you are going to absolutely love this Fall flavor. Because candy corn is such a polarizing flavor, this e-juice comes is great for vapers looking to get into the Fall season, especially around Halloween.

Fall E-Juice Flavor #2: Blueberry Muffin
What better way to start off a chilly morning than with a hot blueberry muffin fresh out of the oven? That is how you will be feeling everyday with this blueberry muffin e-juice. A warm buttery muffin with ripe for the picking blueberries are the perfect Fall flavor combination. You will be craving this delicious flavor the minute you wake up, so be sure to stock up today!

Fall E-Juice Flavor #1: Dutch Apple Pie
What is more American than good ol’ fashioned apple pie? A warm slice of pie is the perfect treat at the end of a cool Fall day and this flavor of e-juice is no different. You will get a great apple flavor with hints of cinnamon that will having you wishing that you had found this vape juice flavor sooner. The classic taste and smooth flavor will have you ready for the Fall vaping season.

These three Fall e-juice flavors and a whole lot more can be found here at The Vape Mall. Try any of the previously mentioned flavors or another one of your choosing. You will quickly find your new favorite flavor and might even have to stock up so you can vape it year-round! Visit us today for all your vape juice and other vaping needs.

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