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The Kanger KBOX 160W TC MOD Packs Great Power in a Beautiful Box

Posted by David on

Kanger Kbox 160w

The KANGER KBOX 160W is an outstanding little TC MOD from Kangertech that’s very similar to their 200w model. As expected, it’s portable and essentially identical in size to the 200w model. Unlike the 200w, the Kanger KBOX 160w is made of titanium steel housing. Right out of the gate it has a great, solid feel in the hand despite its compact size.

The only other significant difference between the two models is that the Kanger KBOX 160w has a flat, rather than a rounded, LED screen. This reduces glare, and the screen itself is bright and easily readable. The screen makes it easy to see battery status, temperature and wattage, allowing vapers full control over their experience. The menu is easily navigated through a large toggle button and the two smaller temperature buttons on the front. It includes a host of minor features that stand out, such as night and day light settings, left and right handed settings, and a locking feature to prevent accidental temperature adjustment.

Despite the slightly lower wattage, the Kanger KBOX 160w fires up with great-tasting vapor clouds right away. It houses two high amp batteries for all day, on-the-go usage. Temperature control mode supports several wire types for most build preferences. For advanced vapers, the box supports atomizers as low as .05 ohms for great sub-ohm vaping. The 160w KBOX can produce temperatures from 200° to 600°F, and it uses an innovative new technology in temperature control.

The new chipset Kangertech has created provides precise temperature control by taking literally thousands of temperature readings per second. It also allows users to set the temperature to exactly the setting they prefer without requiring them to adhere to a small set of options.

Of course, Kangertech has provided the host of features one would expect from their popular line of vaping gear. The 160 has high temperature battery protection, short circuit protection, over-discharge protection and a low battery warning indicator. These safety features make it versatile enough for beginning vapers as well.

Kangertech has really continued to raise the bar with the KBOX series. It provides a great vaping experience for vaperrs new to the world of MODs and experienced modders alike, and it gives a high degree of latitude for personal preferences. Put all that together in a stainless steel housing that's as elegant as it is powerful, and it becomes a must-have TC MOD you can purchase at The Vape Mall.

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