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Posted by David on

Joytech EGO AIO Box Starter Kit

The JOYTECH EGO AIO BOX STARTER KIT is an absolute essential for anybody looking for a new box MOD. A combination of brand new technology and the sturdiest parts in the industry provide a robust and savvy box mod that will last you for years to come. 

With a 2 milliliter capacity tank and a top fill design for easy access, the AIO Box MOD certainly doesn’t slack in ease of access. If you want to maximize your e-liquid per session, this system is set up to do exactly that. In combination with that 2mL tank and the top fill design, an auto locking top cap is implemented and an innovative anti-leak structure has been specially designed by Joyetech for their vape MOD models. Furthermore, the 2100 mAh battery capacity ensures that your mod will last for multiple sessions as long as it is fully charged beforehand.

Measuring at 23 by 43 by 97 millimeters, the eGo fits comfortably in your hand. It’s subtle and understated, but still stands out among its peers. Coming in sleek black on black finish, black with grey accentuation, or even black with dark red, this mod is quite elegant. An all-in-one style designed by the engineering team at Joyetech means that the atomizer is fit inside the casing, making the case itself slightly larger but still easy to hold for long periods of time.

It’s tiny yet powerful, producing extremely large clouds of vapor that can be surprising to those seeing it in use for the first time. Mechanical technologies such as fine-tuned adjustment of air inflow abound in this device. Here, an airflow ring perched below the mouthpiece lets you rotate it to find exactly the right amount of airflow allowed into the mod. A one-button system lets you start and end your vaping sessions with ease, and the button can even be customized to glow from a range of colors.

The eGo AIO Box MOD starter kit is not one to miss. Its compactness combined with its superior technology gives it a leg up on the competition - especially when its ease of use is factored in.

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