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The Importance of Ensuring the Vape MOD’s Chip is in Good Condition

Posted by David on

That instance when you use a vape MOD for the first time is the moment you realize what you have been missing out on. The first vape is always a life-changing moment and every single vaper wishes they had started earlier. It is such a wonderful experience that even those who are not yet of a vaping age look forward to getting there just by watching the vaping experts do it. However, to keep enjoying that amazing feeling, there are things every vaper needs to know.

People who have been vaping for a long time may be aware of the functions of every part of the MOD, but the newbies may have no clue what these parts do. Additionally, you would be surprised to find out that even the vapers who have been doing it for the longest time are not aware of these functions. So, for the new vapers and those of us who are not aware of what the chip does for your vaping device, this information is for you.

What difference does the chip make?

Basically, there are two MODs types; regulated and mechanical. These two types can be differentiated depending on whether they have a chip or not. The chip is responsible for controlling the power output. For a mechanical MOD, the circuit connecting the battery to the atomizer is simple. Only a switch is required to complete the circuiting. In these type, there is no battery safety. The user is responsible for ensuring that the battery can handle the loads. On the other hand, regulated devices offer various types of protection including battery protection. The circuit here is complex unlike for the mechanical one.

In a mechanical MOD, there are two common types; boxes and tubes. For the tube MOD, there is battery-sized metallic tube which has a positive terminal at the top and and a negative terminal at the bottom. A switch connects the two to complete the circuit. For the box MOD, the process is more complex with many batteries connected to the atomizer through several wires. For this type, there is a chip that determines the amp load that will be drawn from all the batteries. Therefore, electricity does not flow directly when the switch is pressed. The battery usually has a longer life and the MOD has a higher voltage. When using the mechanical MOD, you should try to learn about the relationship between the amps, watts, volts and ohms.

For the regulated MOD, there are different sizes and shapes. The MOD is protected from short-circuiting and there is temperature control. The performance is consistent and that guarantees that the vaper is safer than when he is using mechanical MODs. The voltage output is controlled and in these types by the chip, therefore, you do not need to learn about the amps and watts.

What to do when the chip gets damaged?

Checking the battery should be the first thing to do when you suspect that the MOD’s chip is damaged. You should check to see if the power level of the battery is enough to facilitate a smooth operation. You should then assess the atomizer if the level is good. If the battery is the problem, then it needs to be replaced. However, if the battery and the atomizer are all good, then you can consider replacing the chip. It might be your lucky day if the MOD is still under warranty; you can simply take it to the manufacturer and have it rectified. If it is out of warranty, you will have to take it to someone who has the professional knowledge of fixing it. You can also fix the board, but it is risky since you can do some damage. The process involves making connections to the battery and the USB port and, thus, it might be a little bit complex. Nonetheless, if you trust yourself to do it, you can just buy the parts n fix it.

Vapers from all over the world can now use their vaping MODs comfortably and enhance their experience by ensuring that the chips on their vaping MODs are in a good condition. Whether you are using a regulated or an unregulated MOD, the chip if very important and its condition determines how you will describe your vaping experience. A chip that is in good condition will enable you to save a lot of cash and enhance your vaping experience at the end of the day.

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