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Reasons Why Squonkers are Highly Skilled Coil Builders

Posted by David on

Even extremely seasoned vapers don’t quite understand what squonking is, how it works, what it requires or why it’s so beneficial. This unique method is an advanced vaping style that requires a lot more knowledge than the average vaper who is just trying to take in some nicotine throughout the day. Squonking involves a completely new set of gear, some technological geekery and the dedication to building highly functional, safe and reliable coils.

Because of what’s involved in the squonking process, those who have perfected this vaping style tend to be masterful coil builders. If the idea of building your own coils appeals to you in any way, you might want to give this method of vaping a try. After all, making your own coils allows you to really customize your vape like never before while helping you save a very nice amount of cash over time.

What is Squonking?

Squonking is a style of vaping that requires the use of a squonk box rather than a box mod and an RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer) rather than a traditional tank. This style came about as a response to dripping, a method of vaping that became incredibly popular among vapers who wanted an extraordinarily rich flavor and massive clouds. Dripping is a pretty tedious way of vaping despite its benefits. Therefore, it led vapers to look for something more convenient that delivered the same results.

What makes squonking a more convenient alternative to dripping is that it doesn’t require that the vaper constantly take apart their atomizer, pour e-liquid into the tank and take a couple of hits at a time. The squonk box mod contains a fairly large bottle that’s filled. This bottle is squeezed in order to fire a hit, causing the liquid to be fed into the coil through the bottom, providing the coil with just enough juice to satisfy.

Benefits of Squonking

Squonking is quite pleasurable among advanced vapers because it delivers all of the advantages of dripping without any of the annoyance. Because of the way in which the e-liquid is fed into the coil, users experience thicker, larger vape clouds and a more intense, complex and rich flavor.

Squonking has other benefits as well. As it is an advanced vape style, it allows the user to really modify their setup. They can build their own coils based on their unique vaping preferences, deciding whether they want a stronger hit to the throat, a richer flavor, a faster firing time, more abundant vapor, etc. It’s also a great option for those who are tired of constantly spending money on pre-made coils. Building your own coils can save you a lot of money throughout your vaping life.

If you’re going to take up squonking, know that you have to take your vaping knowledge to the next level. This style requires a very good understanding of vaping technology, including Ohm’s Law. Squoking without knowing what you’re doing can result in a completely unpleasant vape. In fact, it can even be dangerous.

So, what makes squonkers then such awesome coil builders you might be wondering?

They’re Typically Using Unregulated Devices

Because squonk boxes are almost always unregulated devices, the user has to really know what they’re doing in order to create the perfect vape. This means that they generally have to exercise more caution and have more knowledge of vaping technology when crafting their coils. This knowledge and attention to detail makes them expert coil builders.

Their Coil Build Determines How Satisfying Their Vape Can Be

When it comes to squonking, the coil really determines everything. Different types of wires and configurations dictate everything from intensity of flavor to cloud size. Therefore, squonkers tend to know exactly how to build the right coils in order to satisfy their needs.

Their Atomizer Requires More Precision

In order to squonk, you need a BF (bottom-feeding) RDA. Due to the construction of this type of atomizer, precision is essential. If one component of the coil is just slightly off kilter, the vaping experience is ruined.

Time to Get Squonking to Sharpen those Coil-Building Skills

As you can see, squonking can be quite an enjoyable way to vape. Additionally, it can turn you into a coil-building pro like no other method of vaping that’s out there.

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