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MODs are Becoming More Grip Friendly

Posted by David on

The Vape Mall Mod

Vape MODs are intended to give you, the modder, the best experience during vaping. For this reason, their design strictly fits your vaping specifications. The recent evolution of MODs has seen them easier to grip. For most modders, this development means a lot. The new MODs provide a better way to enjoy vaping.

When these devices were first designed, the engineers made sure to develop a tool which would meet your avid vaping needs. While they come with an adjustable control, the current MODs come with a contoured grip for a better vaping experience.

In the past, newbie modders had a rough time getting acquainted with a MOD due to a weak grip. The new developments of MODs come with a lighter weight to avoid getting tired. Per ‘The Huffington Post’, the latest vaping MODs also go with a smaller height. The natural evolution of vaping devices gives the users an advanced control over vaping. Moreover, they deliver a better vaping experience for those who know what they want.

The Natural Grip, Rounded Body
Modern vape MODs come with a rounded body to make you feel comfortable. They offer a natural grip in your hands. This ergonomic grip makes you add value to your vaping moments. While your grips have a natural resting place, the higher and wider the side of the battery slips into your hands.

Even Weight Distribution.
Everyone wants a lighter device. However, it should have the correct amount of weight distribution and heft between the tank and the battery. The device will feel top-heavy if the tank’s heavier than the battery. It should offer a shorter and wider tank because the battery is always the heaviest.

The Horizontal, Vertical, or 45 Degree Angle
How to hold your MOD is always your choice. You can choose to hold them vertically or horizontally. The choice is yours. There’s no consequence for holding it on any position unless you are not holding it upside down. The comfortable grip makes it easier to vape. 

As you can see, all these different types of MODs make it more enjoyable and comfortable for your vaping needs.

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