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How to Check Your Battery Connections for Possible E-Juice Buildup

Posted by David on

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You always work to clean your bathroom and your kitchen. When your clothes are dirty, you take them to the laundry to have them washed and cleaned. When your car’s dirty or needs a tune up, you take it to the car wash or garage to have the vehicle cleaned or worked on.

However, there’s one question for you as a vaper. How often do you have your e-cigarette or MOD cleaned? While you struggle to clean everything in your life, you must also work to have your device cleaned for it to perform optimally, which in turn, will keep the device lasting longer.

For you to keep your vaping device in proper shape, you must learn the ways in which you can check your battery connections for any possible  vape juice buildup, which could cause malfunctions to your device.

Your battery is the biggest culprit when it comes to cleanliness. This is because the battery terminals can easily collect dime and dirt from threading your charger in and out from the atomizer or tank. As a matter of fact, the e-juice can sometimes also be the culprit of leaking to the terminals of the battery.

Moreover, time also causes a battery to leak. You’ll notice this when you see the oils coming from your hands when they are mixed with the dust of the air to make a sticky substance forming on the coats of the battery terminals.

Now, for you to salvage your battery, you must take a piece of cotton and scrub it with a little alcohol on it. During this procedure, you’re required to wipe the battery terminals gently using this cotton wool to get the mess off the battery connection. For a seriously dirty battery, you might consider using dental floss or a toothpick to scrape it away before using the cotton wool.

Finally, before you use the battery again, ensure you let it charge fully. For removable batteries, this goes double. For buildups, ensure you check most contacts on both sides of the battery.

Without carrying out this entire procedure, you’ll render your vaping device useless. Reduction in battery life is the biggest sign that there are leakages in your battery. You should always open the battery and check for any issue.

Hopefully, these brief tips will allow you to enjoy your vaping experience with your device without many problems along the way.

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