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Getting Those Larger Clouds

Posted by David on

Cloud Chasing

As you may know, a lot of vapers strive for more, higher quality vapor and bigger clouds. If you’re one of those who always desire billowing, luscious clouds, then read below to find out exactly what determines the size and scope of your vapor.

A major component of the cloud creating process lies in the e-liquid itself. E-liquid viscosity is an often overlooked factor that really does affect the size of the vapor cloud. Of course, this is also dependent on your device’s heating and pulling power. A combination of perfect heating and moderate to high e-liquid viscosity will let you pull absolutely massive clouds.

While a regular vape pen may allow you to get at least decent clouds, it’s fairly well-known that a properly constructed and maintained MOD will create those billowing clouds that you see in all of the viral videos. A fine-tuned, technologically advanced MOD will certainly enhance your cloud size. Fill design, e-juice flow control, velocity style, and more factors play individual roles in priming e-liquid to transform into those cumulus clouds you’ve always strive for.

The quest for the ultimate cloud usually leads vapers to something known as sub-ohming. This technique stretches the battery limits of the vaporizer, allowing for both tons of power and maximum airflow. However, sub-ohm coils provide less resistance and heat batteries to far greater temperatures, creating some situations that could be risky.

Finally, a great way to increase cloud size is e-liquid ratios. Vegetable glycerin (VG), one of the main constituents of e-liquid, can significantly contribute to the size of your clouds. E-liquids famous for producing massive clouds usually have more than 75% vegetable glycerin, so it may be wise to look for e-liquids with at least that much vegetable glycerin if not more.

While each of these techniques and tricks has unique ways to create big clouds, a combination that you can create through experimentation will lead to the best cloud size for you. Each way provided above gives you a huge range of options to experience vaping like never before. Utilize every possible tidbit of knowledge, and you’ll create bigger clouds than ever seen before.

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