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Can The Humidity Affect Your Vaping Experience?

Posted by David on

Humidity And Vaping

Vapers in humid environments sometimes get the feeling that something isn’t quite right with their vape. Maybe it’s not pulling correctly, or maybe vapor quality is decreased. But at the same time, they don’t know if it’s a real concern or just something they’re imagining. Therefore, these vapers don’t consult anyone about their technical difficulties, leaving them to wonder if the problems were just a flight of fancy.

Well, it seems as if these vapers aren’t just experiencing mass hallucinations. Humidity does indeed have an effect on your vaping experience. However, it can affect the experience in many different ways.

One of the major differences that humidity can create in vaping lies in the vacuum created by seals on e-liquid tanks. With vapes, tanks have specific seals (usually made from rubber or similar materials). The seals create a vacuum, in which in the e-juice flows. However, extreme heat, cold, or humidity can make these seals swell or shrink. This leads to a noticeable difference in e-liquid flow, and eventually in vapor quality and feel.

Another humidity created vaping difference is in the viscosity of the e-liquid. As humidity is normally associated with increased heat, the combination can create differences in e-liquid thickness even inside the same tank. Increased temperature and humidity decreases viscosity, while decreased temperature and drier air results in increased viscosity. Vapor richness and quality are dependent on thickness of the e-liquid, so managing your vaporizer’s environment is key to a better vaping experience.

A key to proper vaping is noting barometric pressure in the atmosphere. This of course is related to humidity. A drop in pressure usually precedes a rain or thunderstorm, and signifies increased humidity. These changes in pressure could also affect the seals that were mentioned previously.

Many factors related to humidity can indeed change your vaping experience, and it’s wise to be aware of each of these factors. From pressure changes to e-liquid viscosity, these changes could make your experience suffer. Vigilance and problem solving will ensure you can vape to your heart’s desire with none of the previously mentioned effects of humidity.

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