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​Are There Differences Between Morning and Evening Vaping?

Posted by The Vape Mall on


Have you ever woken up on an early Saturday morning and had that urge to vape with the glowing morning sun? Or perhaps had that same urge, but after a huge, delicious dinner that has quenched your desires for every flavor and taste except for that signature vaping feel? Even though both of these urges feel the same, there are some key differences between morning and evening vaping.

The first and foremost of these differences is the flavor of the e-liquid you use to vape. While it may be obvious now, it’s definitely true that the liquid’s flavor can make or break your experience. While each user may be different, the vast majority of vapers will not want a strong flavor in the morning—a lighter, more relaxing flavor like coffee or java may be better for the moment. At night, a stronger flavor such as chocolate mint or lemon meringue pie may be necessary to round out your vaping needs for the day. If those flavors were flipped, the experience you want from your vaping would be entirely confused and flipped from what you expect, leading to unhappy vaping and presenting a key difference between morning and night vaping.

Yet another difference lies in the device you use to vape. Perhaps you use a lightweight vape pen, or maybe you use a juggernaut MOD. Each of these gives pros and cons for use in the morning or night. When you wake up, you may not be inclined to use a device that makes a significant amount of noise—that noise is disturbing to the zen you experience in the quiet of morning. Furthermore, you may not want too much power in the morning. On the other hand, at night you may want those sweet, satisfying clouds of vapor that only a powerhouse MOD can provide. The feel of the device in your hand is perhaps more suited for nighttime vaping, leaving a lasting impression that will linger into your dreams.

Of course, there are many factors that affect your vaping experience no matter the time of day. While flavor and device type are certainly some of the most important parts of ensuring your vaping time is as perfectly utilized as can be, it’s also important to not forget other parts such as e-liquid strength and vapor feel. Regardless, you should be aware of the key differences between the two vaping timeframes to make your vaping as top-notch as it can be.

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