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A Couple That Vapes Together Stays Together

Posted by David on

If you’re in a committed relationship, you know that there are always a few pet peeves that each of you have in respect to one another. Usually, these are tolerable. But the worst experiences can happen when those pet peeves have to do with a hobby you’re absolutely passionate about. On the flip side, some of the closest bonding experiences that can take your relationship to a whole new level happen when you can both get into a hobby together.

One of the hobbies that can be the most rewarding to explore together is vaping. It can be absolutely fantastic to learn all the ins and outs of vaping yourself, but sometimes the incessant clouds of faintly smelling vapor can be annoying to your significant other. He or she might say to do it outside, or perhaps even tell you to stop under the misconception that vaping is “as bad as smoking”. Of course, this can be disappointing. As a hobbyist, you want the person you care about the most to know about what you’re doing and to buy into it as well.

That said, if you do end up convincing your significant other to try out vaping, a whole new world has opened up. Now you can talk about  MODs, about the newest vaping technologies, about sub-ohming, the various flavors of e-liquids you enjoy, etc. And best of all, you can compare each other’s preferences and specific tastes. For instance, if one of you has a highly specialized, technologically advanced MOD and the other has a simple e-cigarette, you can switch off depending on your vaping feelings that day.

All in all, vaping together brings couples closer. Like any hobby that you both enjoy, having those similarities and knowing the language that comes along with it gives both of you a sense of joy and accomplishment. Enjoy your time vaping together and cherish it for all that it’s worth.

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