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3 Tips to Avoid Getting Vape Coils All Gunky

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Vape Coils

All vapers know how annoying it is to constantly replace their vape coils because of the disgusting gunk that's clogged in them. This gunk is known to be a thick, dark crust that you could taste every time you vape; which leaves an unpleasant burning taste in your mouth every time in inhale. The vape coils burning the gunk that has been obstructed inside of them mainly cause this. When this normally happens, you have no another choice but to either clean the coils or replace them. Coil replacements cost anywhere in the ballpark of $3-$6 every time the coils are filled with gunk. That can add up, depending upon how often you are replacing them. If you’re curious to know what you should avoid and some of the main causes of clogged vape coils, just keep reading on.

The main cause of a clogged vape coil is the different types of sweeteners put in the vape tank that make contact with them daily. Sugar and carbohydrates normally don't entirely vaporize; instead, they are compiled on the coils and burn. To avoid clogged coils, try to refrain from sweeteners in your e-liquid. I know that may be difficult because of the various flavors and how they taste. Sweeteners are the number one main cause to fill your vaper coils with gunk than anything else. If you still want to choose those types of juices you can. Just pay close attention to how they will affect the coils, and possibly use less e-juice in your tank per session if need be.

Another cause for gunk in you coils are the different types of e-liquids you use, such as dark E-liquids, NET E-liquids, and VG-Based E-liquids. It is known that darker e-liquids cause coils to be obstructed quicker than clear e-liquids. Darker liquids normally have more sweeteners in them, which eventually cause your coils to burn. So make sure you are paying attention to not only the color of the liquids but also how much sweeteners it has in it. Naturally Extracted Tobacco (NET) is an e-liquid that has a very "ashtray" taste. This is because the small tobacco particles aren’t properly filtered out. This causes the tobacco to burn and leave the crust on the vaper coils. The Vegetable Glycerin, also known as VG-Based liquid, isn’t known for carrying many flavors. Many Max VG liquids have extra flavor added to them. Basically, any flavoring e-liquids will clog your coils quicker.

Finally, another cause to an obstructed vape coil is from wattage setting on your vaping device. If you love to take long puffs as you inhale from your device at a high setting, you could be burning your wick. The e-liquid isn't traveling to the coil long enough for the coil to vaporize it. When you take a long puff, you could be burning your wick away bit by bit. Another sign to know if you are burning your wick, is you could take your vape coil out at the end of the day and see if you notice any black gunk. If you do, then you are more than likely burning you wicks out and would have to change your coil more frequently.

Overall, the main ways to avoid getting that black gunk stuck in you vape coils is to try to avoid sweeteners, specific types of e-liquids and long puffs. Make sure you are cautious on the type of e-liquids you use and read the ingredients that are in them. Once you are using the right type of e-juice(s), make sure you aren't taking long puffs when you vape. This could cause you to have to replace your vape coil on a more frequent basis. Hopefully, these tips serve you well.

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