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3 Quick Key Tips for Handling Those Anti-Vapers Out There

Posted by The Vape Mall on

Actively trying to avoid the adamant haters in your daily life can be pretty tiring, especially when they harp on your vaping tendencies. Each of them has a different gripe, complaint, or inaccurate fact about your hobby that he or she feels entitled to share with you regardless of your feelings toward them. Sometimes you just don’t know how to deal with these seemingly anti-vape friends or acquaintances. Here, we give you 3 key tips for handling those ever-present anti-vapers.

Key Tip #1: Education

Sometimes these people will tell you blatantly inaccurate statements such as “how the ingredients in e-liquid are toxic” or “vapor is much worse for you than cigarette smoke”. If you can intelligently engage the person telling you this in a lively debate, then you’re already half of the way to winning their trust. Knowing the facts about vaping and being able to educate others on those facts is key toward helping them understand vaping isn’t as harmful as they think.

Key Tip #2: Restraint

Following on the previous tip, we all know that hearing these inaccuracies really gets on your nerves. But the last thing you should do is snap back at the cynics. Instead, you should hold your thoughts, making sure that your arguments back are sharply formed into full sentences with coherent statements. A heated, emotional argument will lead to nothing but more arguments, whereas a logical debate will show your opinions and maybe sway your opponent.

Key Tip #3: Persuasion

Of course, not all arguments with anti-vapers will show them the light. Some people are so stubborn in their views that even facts won’t sway them. In these cases, exercising your amazing persuasion skill will help you greatly. Don’t forget to compliment the person on something they’re wearing, or perhaps ask them how their day is going. Get personal, and make sure you listen and acknowledge what they’re saying. Connections are crucial to having the best conversations about subjects you both care about.

Ultimately, discussions with anti-vaping advocates most of the time won’t go so smoothly. Your reaction in dealing with these conversations is entirely up to how you frame the argument. Educating your opponents on values of vaping, restraint on your emotions and maintaining logical arguments, and persuading others to understand your viewpoints are all critical tips toward handling the vicious anti-vapers.

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