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2019 DIY Vaping Question Still Going On: Plastic or Glass?

Posted by David on

If you’ve recently gotten into the world of DIY vaping, you’re likely feeling a little overwhelmed by how many new products you have to purchase in order to successfully create your own vape juices from scratch. Besides the variety of ingredients required to create an e-liquid formula, you need measuring equipment, safety equipment, syringes and, of course, bottles.

When it comes to those DIY e-liquid bottles, knowing what to buy is essential. The truth is that some bottles are just better than others, and if you take your DIY vaping hobby seriously, it’s important to invest in ones that will best protect your e-liquid while it’s stored away for later use.

Bottles are More Important Than You Think

There are lots of different empty bottles on the market today, and the main types of bottles are plastic and glass. Choosing the best one for your needs is essential if you want to be able to store your e-liquid properly. Cheaply made bottles are going to increase the risk of oxidization, which is a process in which heat and light negatively alter the flavor of your e-liquid while reducing its nicotine content.


Plastic bottles are undoubtedly the more affordable choice. After all, plastic is cheaper to produce than glass, so you can stock up on a whole lot of plastic bottles without paying nearly as much money. And, as you know, you need a whole lot of bottles, so costs really do add up.

But, that’s about where the advantages end. Plastic is fine, and a lot of top-selling vape juice companies sell their products in plastic bottles, so clearly they’re not bad, per se. However, plastic bottles are more likely to expose your precious DIY vape juice to harsh conditions such as heat and light that can, over time, break down those compounds and ruin your e-liquid.

Additionally, plastic bottles are a lot harder to reuse. Plastic material is more likely to absorb the aroma and flavor of your e-liquid if it’s been sitting in there long enough. This means that even after you rinse it out several times, it’s still going to alter the flavor of your new vape juice batch.


Glass bottles are a bit pricier without a doubt. Also, glass, as we know, is much more fragile than plastic, which means that you have to be more careful when using them. However, most DIY vapers find that glass is superior to plastic for several reasons. For one thing, glass bottles are less likely to expose your vape juice to extreme conditions like light and heat. Therefore, if you like to store your vape juices for long periods of time before using them, glass bottles are most certainly better than plastic ones.

Also, glass bottles are easier to reuse. Glass doesn’t absorb as much of your vape juice as plastic, which means that a good washing can usually get rid of any residual smell and taste. Therefore, in a way, glass may actually be more affordable over time because you don’t have to keep buying new bottles.

Which is Better?

Here’s the thing: DIY vaping is all about finding what works for you. Many DIY vapers argue that glass is better, but a lot of juice-makers are perfectly content using plastic bottles exclusively. Therefore, there’s no one that’s objectively superior, as vaping is all about preference. We do believe that glass bottles have more advantages. However, if you’re trying to save money, or you’re particularly clumsy, you can use plastic.

The Case for Amber Glass

There’s one last thing to mention. If you’re going to use glass bottles, we highly recommend going with amber glass. Amber glass bottles are better at preventing over-oxidization from occurring, because the amber color can block both light and heat.

Plastic and Glass Bottles Both Have Their Pros and Cons…

But it’s safe to say that glass is a bit better in many ways. So, if you wanna take your DIY vaping game to a whole new level, upgrade from plastic to glass. There’s a good chance that your batches will last longer and stay fresher.

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