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Why are USA and Handmade E-Liquids with USP Food Grade Ingredients, and Mixed to Exact Measurements Important?

Posted by David on

If you’ve been around the vaping block long enough, you’ve likely heard all kinds of terms used by various vape juice companies pertaining to the ingredients and formulas, that you may or may not understand. One such term is “USP food grade,” and similarly, you may have come across companies talking about mixing to exact measurements.

Now, if you don’t know what these terms mean, you may be missing out in terms of quality when shopping for e-liquids. That’s why we’d like to give you a full understanding of this terminology. This way, you’ll understand the role that these factors play in the ultimate quality of your vaping experience.

USP Food Grade Ingredients: Why They Matter

So, what are USP food grade ingredients anyway? This term refers to any ingredient that has been given a food grade by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP). This organization grades individual ingredients in order to determine whether or not they can safely be added to foods, drugs or medicinal products. Food grade means that the ingredient has been determined to be safe for consumption.

This matters a lot because the vaping industry has yet to be fully regulated. This means that companies aren’t required to use food grade ingredients when producing their e-liquids. As a result, you may end up buying a vape juice made with low-quality ingredients without even realizing it.

Without a doubt, food grade ingredients make a difference in terms of the taste and overall quality of your vaping experience. This is why it’s important to seek out brands who commit to this standard.

Mixing with Precision in Mind

Another key to making high-quality vape juices is mixing to exact measurements. Generally speaking, e-liquid contains four ingredients: VG (vegetable glycerin), PG (propylene glycol), nicotine and flavoring. The proportion of each ingredient to the rest of the formula is outrageously important, because even if the ratio is slightly off, you could end up with a disappointing vaping experience. For example, too much flavoring can be unpleasant to the senses, and can change the consistency of the vape juice in a way that interferes with its ability to vaporize properly. Further, most vapers know that the balance between VG and PG is critical when it comes to how satisfying their vaping experience is overall.

Therefore, it’s crucial that companies mix with precision in mind, by measuring out each ingredient carefully, and being consistent when crafting their formulas. This way, you can count on each and every bottle offering a quality vape time and time again.

The Vape Mall E-Liquids

The Vape Mall has earned a reputation for creating some of the highest-quality e-juices on the market today. This didn’t just happen by chance. We refuse to use any ingredients that haven’t received a USP food grade, because we make quality our top priority. Also, we carefully mix our ingredients using exact measurements to ensure consistency and maximum satisfaction in every sense of the vaping experience. This level of commitment is why our customers keep coming back when they need to restock their e-juice supplies.

True Vape Juice Quality at Its Best

When it comes to buying vape juices, it’s important to pay attention not only to the flavor VG/PG ratio and nicotine strength of a particular formula, but also its ingredients and measurements. These factors influence the quality of your e-liquid in more ways than you may realize. At The Vape Mall, we go above and beyond to use only the best-quality USP food grade ingredients, which are mixed to exact measurements to ensure maximum satisfaction.

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