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What to Do When Your Vape Tank Starts to Have an Odor?

Posted by David on

Let’s say that you’ve been vaping with the same tank for several months, and when you go in to take a hit, you notice an unpleasant smell. Needless to say, you’re now totally turned off to the idea of vaping. After all, you don’t even know where that smell is coming from to begin with.

The truth about vaping is that odors happen from time to time. Think about how often that drip tip is touching your mouth, which is naturally full of bacteria. Plus, e-liquid accumulates on the various mechanisms within that tank which can lead to bad smells over time.

Now, the good news is that an odorous tank doesn’t mean that you have to throw it out and buy a new one. There are plenty of ways to fix this problem depending on what the cause is.

Why Do Vape Tanks Develop Odors Anyway?

Vape tanks can develop odors for a number of reasons. One of the most common culprits is a mouthpiece or drip tip that hasn’t been cleaned recently. Since you’re always sticking that piece in your mouth, it’s inevitably going to pick up all of those germs that are responsible for bad breath.

Another reason could be that your e-liquid has gunked up inside the tank. When we vape, trace amounts of e-juice burn because of all the sugars. Over time, those pieces of gunk start to produce an odor because they’re constantly being burnt further with each hit.

Or, perhaps your juice itself just has a bad odor. If you suspect it’s just the vape juice, that’s a very easy fix.

What to Do When Your Vape Tank Has an Odor

Now that you know it can have an odor, here is what you can do to prevent it.

Change Your Coil

Before doing anything else, change your coil. It’s possible that juice has gunked up on your coil which is why the odor has occurred.

Change Your E-Liquid

Next, consider that your e-liquid may be responsible for the odor. Try cleaning out your tank and putting a new e-juice in there. If, within a few days, there’s no odor, you can feel confident that your e-juice was the culprit and not your vape tank itself.

Clean Your Tank Thoroughly

If you’re not cleaning your vape tank regularly, you’re going to deal with some odors. A vape tank should be thoroughly cleaned once each week at the very least. And when we say clean, we mean that you take apart every single component and wash it separately. Sure, that sounds a bit tedious, but it’s worth it. Besides smelling bad, an unclean tank will eventually produce a bad taste and even have the potential to burn out your coils prematurely.

To clean your vape tank:

  • First take apart each component.
  • Then, put every component into a bowl with lukewarm water and a few splashes of either rubbing alcohol or vodka.
  • Allow the components to soak for about thirty minutes.
  • Now, examine each component. Is there still debris anywhere? If so, take a cotton swab and gently dislodge any e-liquid gunk. Because the components have been soaking, this should be very easy to do.
  • Now, let your tank pieces dry before putting everything back together.

Time to resume vaping.

Keep Your Tank Smelling Good

A foul-smelling vape tank is bad news indeed. Luckily, there are ways to fix this problem that require minimal effort. And, don’t forget to clean that tank at least once each week.

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