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What is sub ohming and is it for me?

Posted by The Vape Mall on

The new trend over the last six or so months has been sub ohm vaping. In this blog we are going to give some basics for someone looking to get into some of the newer sub ohm setups without getting into mechanical mods and rebuilding. Now sub ohm vaping has been around a lot longer than six months however when Aspire first released the Atlantis in late 2014 that pretty much kicked of a new wave of products to the everyday vaper that where before only thought of for the hobbyist. Every manufacture from Kanger, Vision, eLeaf, and more started coming out with sub ohm tanks, batteries, and mods. Now you can get into a sub ohm setup for nearly the same price as a basic battery and tank setup that you would of bought a year ago. 

What is sub ohming? Really anything below 1.0 ohms is considered sub ohms, however generally in vaping it will be .6 or lower ohms with .5 being one of the more common ohms for some of the new fill and vape tanks that are out. What sub ohming does for you the vaper is that is enhances the vape. Basically it amplifies everything, from the flavor, the throat hit, and the vapor production. This is essentially a high level overview of what sub ohming is but it can get more detailed than what was just mentioned. What you are basically doing is burning more liquid which in turn is giving you the enhanced or amplified vape. 

Many people who switch to a sub ohm setup find it much more enjoyable than their standard tank and battery setup. Because of the enhanced flavor and "kick" that you receive from the vape. However because everything is enhanced you will definitely want to cut down the nicotine amount in your ejuice. Someone using an eliuqid that is 12mg  in their standard setup may only be able to use a 3mg in a sub ohm setup this is due to the bigger hit that sub ohm vaping provides. 

Finding the right sub ohm setup really isn't any different than finding any other setup for vaping. First figure out your budget, there are some very good setups that be had for the same price of a decent ego style battery and tank setup. One of the more popular budget setups is the eLeaf Melo tank with an iStick 30w. This setup provides a variable voltage 2000mAh battery with a tank that can be used with .5ohm coils( you can also use the 1.0 Aspire Atlantis coils if need). This setup can be had for under $70. At more affordable setup would be the Joyetech eGo One battery and tank setup which will be in the $50 range. You can also go much higher in cost, typically when this happens is when the  the mod or battery and tank has more features and capabilities, such as higher wattage, more airflow, lower ohm coils, and more. An eLeaf Melo  or Aspire Atlantis with the Aspire CF Sub Ohm battery will also be a good option for someone on a budget. 

Whether you stay with a traditional ecig setup or switch to a sub ohm vaping the most important to remember is that you're end goal, which should be to stay off traditional cigarettes. If a sub ohm setup is what you need to accomplish this then the above options are some of the many to look at however you can mix and match many different tanks, batteries, or mods. Keep in mind that sub ohm vaping is not for everyone. Not everyone needs the enhanced vape that is provides and there is nothing wrong with going with a traditional setup as the end goal is the same for both. 

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