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Posted by David on

Wax Globe Coil

Like any other vaping coil out there, over the course of time they burn out. When you have a Wax-T Glass Globe Tank, this can be a problem if you don’t have spares or replacements at your disposal.

Now you won’t have to worry about facing that potential issue again. Here at TheVape Mall, we carry ceramic replacement dual coil heads for your Wax-T Glass Globe Tank. Like any other dual coil configurations, the device’s battery evenly allocates the electricity to two coils, which at the exact same time warms up the liquid, wax, or oil, and thus turns into vapor. The results, especially with these dual coil heads, are bigger clouds and faster vapor being produced.

If you’re looking for your standard flavor and vapor intensities, as well as a nice throat hit, it really is a significant investment to get the best dual coils for your Wax-T Glass Globe Tank. These affordable, nicely threaded, solid and fine coil heads do the trick.

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