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Finding That Balanced Throat Hit Here in 2022 What You Should Know

Posted by David on

One of the major reasons why ex-smokers go back to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes is because they cannot find get a throat hit that is satisfactory. Throat hit means the feeling that one gets on the back of their throat and in their lungs, after they have inhaled. If the throat hit is too weak, the vaper could feel like nothing was inhaled. Conversely, if the throat hit is too strong, it could be painful and lead to coughing, which might be very embarrassing, not to mention the damage it could do on your throat. Therefore, it’s very important that you find a balanced throat hit.

Here are some ways on how to achieve a perfectly balanced throat hit.


To achieve a balanced throat hit, you need to be really careful when selecting e-liquids. Different flavors have different throat hits. If you’re looking for a higher throat hit, menthol and citrus flavors are ideal. However, if you want to go the gentle way, flavors such as coffee and tobacco, sweets, fruits, and creams, are ideal.

The nicotine component of your e-juice will also have a great impact on throat hit. The higher the nicotine content in your e-juice, the stronger and more robust the throat hit gets. So, if you do not want a strong throat hit, consider e-juices that have a lower nicotine content. At The Vape Mall, we can accommodate your request for this.

When trying to balance the throat hit, the VG/PG ratio also needs to be taken into consideration. Depending on the ratio selected, the throat hit will be more or less punchy. Propylene Glycol is the component responsible for throat hit. Essentially, if looking for a sharper throat hit, ensure that the PG ratio is higher. A PG ratio over 60% is ideal for people looking for a stronger throat hit.

Vaping Device

Yes, your vaping device play a very big role on the throat hit. A device that has high voltages will result in a higher throat hit. Furthermore, the vapor output in these devices is much warmer. Basically, if you were a heavy smoker, high voltage devices may be just what you need to achieve a higher throat hit.

Pod systems and traditional mods are some of the best vaping devices for a balanced throat hit. They let you to achieve control over your vaping experience. You can regulate the airflow, temperature and voltages. Thus, you can get the desired throat hit. Rebuildable atomizers are also a great choice. For mods, they allow you to select a wicking material and coil resistance that is great for your ideal throat hit.

Tip: If you need a gentle throat hit, go for cotton wicking and low resistance wires.

Cleaning your vaping device is also important in achieving a balanced throat hit. Failure to do so results in the accumulation of residues, which adversely affects the throat hit. Silica and hemp wicks are generally better when you need to ramp up the throat hit.


Your battery's power influences the level of throat hit achieved. Investing in a high voltage-output battery will ensure that you enjoy a stronger throat hit. However, if you have a lower power battery, you need not throw it away. Just get a spare battery.

Where Will Your Next Balanced Throat Hit Be At?

The above are some basics that will help you find a balanced throat hit. However, there no right or wrong level of throat hit. It’s all dependent on the vaper preferences. The only trick is to keep experimenting. Try using different types of devices with different types of batteries. Also, experiment flavors and see which best balances your throat hit.

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