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Posted by David on

The SMOK Mag 225W TC Box Mod is a stunningly advanced vaping device that boasts tons of exciting features. Despite its extensive number of advanced features, it's user-friendly enough for beginners. Its innovative grip and attractive design grab the attention of those around you. However, the real magic is in the incredible technology for which SMOK is known.

The SMOK Mag 225W TC Box Mod boasts one of the most unique visual designs that we've ever come across. The trigger-like shape of the chassis isn't just for looks. This shape provides an extremely comfortable grip that's perfect for long vaping sessions. Two unique color options allow you to express your personality while you vape.

This device is extremely user-friendly. An over-sized firing switch is easy to find. A bright, crisp OLED display screen utilizes the brand's signature chip technology to provide you with crucial data regarding your vaping settings.

If you desire precision when it comes to your preferred vaping settings, the SMOK Mag 225W TC Box Mod won't let you down. With a wide range of temperature control options and wattage levels, you'll find that this device is extremely accurate. Therefore, you'll discover your sweet spot. An advanced memory mode feature demonstrates the superior technology that this mod possesses.

No SMOK product comes without an exceptional number of safety features. You won't have to worry about your device overheating. Low wattage protection, reverse polarity protection and low resistance protection are also built into the device's intelligent system.

A sliding door compartment allows you to insert and remove your batteries with ease. A discreet button opens the compartment. This device takes two 18650 batteries to provide you with powerful hits and serious vapor production.

The SMOK Mag 225W TC Box Mod boasts so much more than an innovative visual design. With incredibly advanced chipset technology, loads of safety features and intense power, this device will provide you with serious vaping pleasure. Its comfortable grip and striking shape make it a conversation piece as well.

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