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Small, Medium or Large Glass Chillum Pipes – You Decide!

Posted by David on

Are you in the market for a new pipe for your herb-related purposes? If so, it may be time to give chillum pipes a try. Chillum pipes, also known as simply “chillums,” have been around for centuries, originating out of India. They are structurally different from the pipes that we’re used to, and offer some unique advantages over other, more conventional options.

Today, we’ll be taking a closer look into what makes chillums so unique, while breaking down the three sizes available and what they are capable of doing in terms of ensuring that you have a positive herb experience.

Chillum Pipes at The Vape Mall

So, what are chillum pipes, and how are they different from more traditional pipes? While traditional pipes have a bowl that sits at the top of the end of the piece, chillums are conical in design, with the chamber hole being parallel to the mouthpiece. They’re more like one-hitters in terms of design, thanks to the way in which they continue to burn once they’ve been lit. Another thing that makes chillums unique is that they lack a carburetor, which means that you don’t have as much control over the airflow situation. This is one reason why chillum hits are much stronger, and consequentially, more potent, than other types of devices.

Our glass chillum pipes come in a range of colors and designs thanks to the nature of the manufacturing process, adding to their aesthetic appeal.

As you explore the chillum pipes on our site, you’ll notice that we offer different sizes. So, which one is right for you? Allow us to break each one down.

Small Chillum Pipes

Small chillum pipes are great for those who like traditional one-hitters. They can contain around just enough herb to provide you with a single, quick session, and they’re conveniently portable. This is the type of device you’ll enjoy taking with you when you’re out and about, as it’s easy to use and requires minimal on-the-road maintenance.

Medium Chillum Pipes

Medium chillum pipes are a great everyday device, serving as your trusty daily pipe. They can hold about as much herb as your standard-sized bowl, except the herb continues burning after you light it because of the unique nature of this pipe’s design. Perfect for a standard session, these devices ensure you’ll get plenty of use out of them for a long time to come.

Large Chillum Pipes

Our large chillum pipes are for the more heavy-duty type herb enthusiasts who like taking in more per session. Again, because these devices ensure a more potent experience, you’ll want to take that into account before choosing a larger chillum pipe. Due to the continuous burning of the herb, you want to make sure that a larger option is right for you before investing, so that you don’t end up wasting product.

Large chillum pipes are a bit trickier to store, which is why you’ll almost definitely want to keep these ones at home. However, they make great everyday devices for those who want a very strong herb experience on a daily basis.

Grab a Chillum Pipe at The Vape Mall

These exceptionally crafted, reliable and authentic chillum designs can take your herbal experience to the next level. Truly designed to provide a more potent session while allowing a different kind of airflow. If you’re ready to invest in a chillum pipe, explore our collection today.

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