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Quick Vaping Tip: Let Your MOD Warm Up

Posted by David on

Sub Ohm

Sometimes when you first get in your vehicle in the dead of winter, you know it’ll be a good idea to let your vehicle warm up before bringing it out on the roads. The same principle goes for your MOD. Warming up your MOD before using it heavily is always a wise choice.

To really get into details of why you should let your MOD warm up, we can look at what it does. MODs are extremely powerful technological vaping wonders, but require immense heat and voltage to get those huge vapor clouds they’re known for. Kanthal wiring, which can carry more power, is usually used in the coiling for MODs. Furthermore, most of these vapers who use this device use it to sub-ohm, meaning they run with resistances under 1 ohm. Both of these factors mean that more heat is built up for longer periods of time than what you’d normally experience using a regular vaping device such an e-cigarette or a vape pen.

To first understand the problem, let’s compare it to a normal, everyday activity. If you’re at work and its lunchtime, you’ll probably go into the kitchen to heat up your lunch. You’ll take it out, and put it in the microwave. If you waited 20 seconds and pulled your food out, you logically wouldn’t expect it to be completely heated up, whereas if you waited two to three minutes you would. The same logic carries over to your MOD. If it’s time for your vaping sessions, you flip the switch and immediately start using it, then you shouldn’t expect the same output that you would obtain after waiting a minute or two. Simply put, you won’t obtain the same amount or quality of vapor after immediate vaping that you would after being patient and allowing the MOD to warm up.

Letting your MOD heat up for a minute or two prior to your first pull is a wise choice to ensure maximum vapor quality and amount. Compare it with the two examples mentioned above, and you will easily draw parallels. Once you do find that patience is key, your vaping experience will be that much better.

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