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Flavor Boosting Question: Increasingly More or Less Sweetener

Posted by David on

One of the most common misconceptions when it comes to e-liquid is that sweeter is better. You may even find that adding a touch of flavor to your e-juice will improve to your vaping experience ten times over. Still, if you're the type of vaper who craves sweet flavors like candies, desserts, and fruits, you may believe that more sweetness means an uptick in overall satisfaction. However, as you'll see, that's not necessarily true.

Flavor Boosting 101: A Quick Refresher

A lot of vapers out there love the ability to control their experience and taste amazing flavors while protecting some massive clouds of vapor. Flavor boosting gives you the ability to control whatever flavor you vape.

Many blends will come ready for infusion with new flavors. You take your nicotine solution and mix about 50/50 of your flavor juice. Some vapers like more, some vapers prefer less. The beauty of flavor boosting is that it’s all up to you. And, that’s important. Because

  • -Some flavors can be too harsh if you add too much juice, ruining your overall vape experience.
  • -If you add too little flavor boost then you won’t be able to taste it; not as bad, but still not the optimum experience.

Key Tip: If you’re new to vaping and/or flavor boosting: you can never take away juice, but you can always add more.

Should I Add More or Less Sweetener to My Vape Juice?

Creating the perfect vape juice flavor isn't that far off from making the most delicious dessert. One of the signs of an amateur baker is adding too much sugar to a batter in order to give it a boost in sweetness. The problem is that too much sweetness can overpower the more delicate flavor notes in the batter while making the overall flavor simply unpleasant. With e-liquids, you want to add just enough sweetener to a flavor so that the sugary taste enhances the other flavor notes rather than overpowers them.

However, sometimes a little bit of sweetener is important. If you've purchased an e-juice that's dull, bland, and flavorless, a boost of sweetener can bring out the nuances of the ingredients. For instance, if you have a tobacco flavor that isn't complex, a touch of sweetness can turn it into a layered treat for your taste buds.

What Can the Effects of Flavor Boosting Have on Your Vape Tank and Coils?

Some people like to add sweetener to their flavor boost mixture, and this is fine. Some flavor boosts also come pre-sweetened. It’s important to let yourself get familiar with the flavor you have chosen so that you don’t add too much or undershoot it during the mixing process. Also is important that you keep in mind the effect melted sugar has on your vape coil. Too much sweetener, over time, will corrode your coil faster than a base blend. Basically, use discretion when mixing pre-sweetened flavor boosts.

When you run out of flavor juice and wanna try a new flavor, it might be a good idea to also swap out tanks. E-juice always tastes best when you have a fresh tank, coil, and wick. How come? Well, the residue from the last flavor e-liquid is still inside the tank and on the wick. Once you fill up, if you’re using the same tank and wick, you run the risk of mixing flavors and losing some of the potency you may have been hoping for. Look, it may seem like a little extra work, but it’s definitely worth the effort.

Bottom Line: Find the Right Sweetness Level That Works For Your Overall Vaping Needs

As you can see, sweetness isn't everything when it comes to creating tasty vape juices. Even if you have the most demanding sweet tooth, it's important to think before dumping an unnecessary amount of sweetener into your e-liquid. Different flavors combust at different temperatures and release their aromas and molecules gradually. Having a variable wattage or temperature control vape will greatly improve the quality of your vaping experience when flavor boosting. Hit the dial and search for that sweet spot.

Key Tip: If you’re new, give it some time, as some flavors taste better at higher temperatures while others will make you gag. When you’re trying to get the biggest clouds possible, this can be a difficult trade-off. A solution to the flavor x cloud dilemma is to select a rich, hearty e-juice flavor, as something like that can remain stable at higher temps.

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