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Featured Item: SMOK Stick AIO Replacement Coil

Posted by David on

The SMOK Stick AIO replacement coil is a specially-built coil meant to be used exclusively with the SMOK Stick AIO.

These coils use a well-engineered top loading design that is meant to prevent e-liquid flooding and leaking when pouring your liquid in, so you can pour with no worries about spillage. The coils are optimized to work at resistances all the way down to 0.23 ohms, so they’re perfect for sub-ohm vaping. Furthermore, the replacement coils have four different wicking points for high profile flavors that are exquisitely balanced for each pull.

Note: Coils become worn out after long periods of usage, so having a replacement coil is always a wise idea.

Grab your SMOK Stick AIO replacement coil at The Vape Mall so you'll never have to worry about vape session interruptions again.

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