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Posted by David on

The eLeaf Basal with GS Basal VV 1500mAh Kit is one of the most attractive setups that we've ever seen. However, its impressive technology shows that it's much more than a pretty mod. Beneath its elegant exterior is a powerful battery and loads of advanced features that will enhance your vaping life in every way.

Few box mods are as portable as the eLeaf Basal. The chassis is incredibly slim, making it easy to fit into most small compartments. It's easy to carry around thanks to its lightweight construction.

Despite the small size, this device will provide you with all the vaping power that you crave. The 1500mAh battery that's built into this mod goes up to 30 watts of power, guaranteeing adequate vapor production and puffy clouds.

The kit is renowned for its unique ability to make any vape juice taste even more delicious. The design of the tank and construction of the coils with which the kit is compatible guarantee that your e-juice will achieve the perfect temperature to maximize vapor intake without burning the ingredients of your e-liquid. The result is consistently tasty hits that will satisfy you immensely. Plus, the tank features multiple airflow options so that you can adjust the power of each pull.

The coils that come with this device are made with high-quality organic cotton. These coils won't deliver those random dry hits that ruin your vaping session. The coils boast a sturdy construction that allow them to last for a long time.

The sleek design is perfect for vape enthusiasts who want to enjoy a truly luxurious experience while they vape. The slim, metallic chassis comes in a wide range of colors. This device is both a conversation piece and an impressive example of advanced vaping technology.

Beginners will appreciate the user-friendly design, as it’s extremely easy to use thanks to its simple interface.

The eLeaf Basal with GS Basal VV 1500mAh Kit is a gorgeous device that's portable yet powerful. Best of all, this kit will allow you to enjoy incredibly delicious flavor from your favorite e-juices from The Vape Mall.

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