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Do Vapers Make Vaping a Hobby or a Lifestyle Choice?

Posted by David on

Basically, all of us who vape did so as an alternative to smoking cigarettes. We have found that this new technology has replaced our urge to smoke, and so we use it routinely to maintain our nicotine levels as well as the physical act of inhaling something into our lungs. But, as any real vaper will tell you, it’s a lot more than that. Vaping is more than a product that can take the place of cigarettes, as its technology is nothing short of incredible.

What to Consider Vaping As

Well, we believe that it can be either, as everyone’s relationship with vaping is unique. Let’s explore this further.

Vaping as a Hobby

Vaping hobbyists are those who enjoy what the vaping world has to offer, and genuinely look forward to each puff of vapor that they take. They may enjoy exploring different types of setups and e-liquid flavors, but likely don’t deviate much when it comes to hardware, and don’t try to explore making their own e-juices, coils and so on. They may also be focused on staying within a budget so that they can maintain their other hobbies in life.

Vaping as a Lifestyle Choice

Those who vape as a lifestyle choice may take their vaping hobby a bit further. They may dedicate a lot of their life to vaping, and express this by trying out new hardware and flavors whenever they hit the market, by hanging out in vape shops and by spending time on vaping forums online. For this type of vaper, vaping has changed their life, and they truly can’t get enough of it. They may even dabble in DIY vaping by making their own e-liquids and coils, because they find this to be a deeply fulfilling way to spend their time.

Somewhere in Between

Of course, some people may fall in between the two. They may love vaping beyond a general hobby, but not dedicate so much time to it that they spend most of their monthly budget on buying new gear. Or they may settle on a particular type of setup, but still spend a lot of time exploring all the various vape juices that are available.


Finally, some people fall in neither category, because to them, vaping is simply a way to get nicotine throughout the day. This type of person likely rocks an amazingly simple setup, like a disposable or all-in-one closed system. They’re satisfied with what they’ve got, and don’t feel the need to explore various vaping products to suit their needs.

Making Vaping What You Want It to Be

Whether you see vaping as a hobby, a lifestyle choice, neither or something in between, chances are that this technology has proven to be extremely useful to you. At the end of the day, you’re free to have whatever relationship with your vapes that you’d like, as long as it suits your needs and helps you stay off of tobacco.

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