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Clarity Time: Stop Confusing Vaporizers with MODs

Posted by David on

TheVapeMallSometimes it can get pretty easy to interchange technical terms when it comes to vaping. E-liquid, pens, hits, clouds, and many more terms circulate without many definitive descriptions of what they mean. Each individual will have a slightly different interpretation of each word, leading to confusion down the line when talking to others. One of the easiest switches to make, especially for non-vapers or casual vapers is that of the vaporizer and the MOD. While both certainly bear similarities, there are key differences that make the vaporizer and the MOD instantly differentiated.

One major difference is the level of expertise and knowledge necessary to use a MOD rather than a regular vape pen. Because MODs are much more customizable, they require a working knowledge of vape parts. Modding has arisen from a rich history of rigging vaporizers with gizmos and gadgets designed to maximize power and battery life.

Another difference is that of portability. As vaporizers are generally designed to be small and portable, they offer smaller sizes and bulk than mods. MODs are generally meant for personal use inside the home, and rarely will be taken to work or outside the house. As previously mentioned, the many parts that go into making a mod powerful increase the size of the MOD, creating an obvious division in size between vaporizers and mods.

Building upon the previous differences, the clearest difference is in power and vapor created. Vape pens, while reliable and fairly powerful, have nothing on most mods. MODs are inherently created to produce more vapor than the average vape. Each pull from the device is carefully crafted (again, through the many technological additions to the mechanisms themselves) to be stronger than regular pulls.

While there are many other differences that are more subtle, a final way to differentiate is in the technological functionalities built into them. Since MOD users tend to be technologically savvy, there’s more of an inclination to include the latest, newest parts. You’ll see parts such as ohm meters, kanthal wire gauges, IMR batteries, and more when searching through MODs. Most of these will be noticeably absent in current vaporizers.

With these differences in mind, you’ll be certain to never confuse vaporizers or vape pens with MODs again. Certain specifications and general user experience differ, and each type has pros and cons. Just simply experiment and choose what’s best for you, with the comfort of knowing the difference.

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