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Can You Mix CBD Vape Juices Together?

Posted by David on

Many people like to try out a wide variety of CBD vape juices before settling on the one that’s most appealing to their palate. Therefore, it’s not surprising that a lot of hemp enthusiasts have at least a few different CBD e-juices in their collection. One question that CBD vapers continue to ask themselves is whether or not it’s okay to combine two different CBD e-liquids. After all, each CBD vape juice has its own unique strength, flavor, type of concentrate and strain. So, could combining two ones together have negative effects, or even positive ones?

Today, we’ll be talking about whether or not it’s okay to mix together two different hemp-infused e-juices. We’ll also be giving you some helpful tips along the way.

Why a Person Would Want to Mix Together CBD Vape Juices

Before we get into whether or not it’s okay to combine together two different hemp-infused vape juices, let’s first discuss the reasons why a person may wish to do this.

They’re Running Low

A common reason for wanting to combine two different vape juices is because a person is running low on one. In other words, maybe there’s just a tiny bit left in one of their bottles, and it’s not enough to fill a full tank. So, they want to add it to the tank along with another e-liquid. This can help a person enjoy every last drop of each bottle.

They Want to Combine Flavors

Another reason is because a person wants to combine flavors. Many CBD vape juices are available in different flavors, and sometimes, a person may wish to try out a new flavor profile just for the fun of it. For instance, maybe they have a vanilla-flavored e-liquid, and a strawberry-flavored e-liquid. By combining them, they will end up with a new and unique flavor that can be very satisfying to their palate.

They Want to Experiment with a New Strength

As you know, CBD vape juices come in different strengths. Let’s say that a person has an e-liquid that provides 1mg of CBD per puff, and another e-liquid that provides 5mg per puff. Maybe the 1mg is not enough, and the 5mg is too much. So, combining the 1mg with the 5mg will allow them to enjoy an amount that’s just right.

They Want to Try Two Different Types of Extracts at Once

If a person has a full-spectrum CBD vape juice and a CBD isolate vape juice, they may want to experiment by trying a little bit of each while they vape. So, they may combine them to see how this unique blend affects them.
They Want to Explore a Combination of Different Strains

Another thing to keep in mind is that CBD vape juices come in a variety of strains. This means that a person may wish to create a hybrid of two different strains by combining two different CBD vape juices.

Can You Mix Together Two CBD Vape Juices?

In short, yes. Mixing together two different CBD vape juices will not create a disastrous result that is impossible to be vaped. It won’t make your device explode, and it won’t make you sick. However, know that because e-liquids have so many varying factors, combining two can give you a result that may not be what you wanted.

Things to Keep in Mind When Combining CBD E-Liquids

When combining two different CBD e-liquids, these are the things that you need to bear in mind.

The Strength

One thing is the strength. If you’re purposely vaping at a very specific strength, you will want to only mix together CBD vape juices that have the same number of milligrams of CBD. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a different strength entirely.

The Quality

We don’t recommend combining a low-quality CBD vape juice with a high-quality one in order to avoid feeling like you wasted money on the one of inferior quality. This will just end up giving you an unsatisfying vaping experience.

The Flavor

Bear in mind the flavors that you’re mixing, as some flavors go better together than others. For instance, mint flavors almost always pair nicely with fruit flavors. But, combining a chocolate flavor with a sour candy flavor, for example, may be unpleasant to the taste buds.

The Type of CBD Extract

Remember too that there are three different kinds of CBD extracts: CBD isolate, broad spectrum and full spectrum. Many vapers strongly prefer one over the other two, and so they only purchase CBD e-liquids that have the type of extract that they like. Mixing together two different kinds of CBD extracts won’t give you bad results, per se, but it may provide an experience that’s different from what you’re used to.

The Strain

Lastly, bear in mind that mixing together two different CBD vape juices can give you different effects because of the strains that you’re combining. As you know, different strains can affect you in different ways.

Combining Two Different CBD vape juices is Absolutely Fine…

In the sense that you won’t end up with a product that’s unable to be used or enjoyed. However, going about it in the right way is crucial. Use this guide to consider all of the factors that go into mixing together two different hemp-infused e-liquids. This way, you’ll end up with the best results possible, and have a satisfying vaping experience.

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