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Avoid Going Back And Forth

Posted by David on

The Vape Mall

Many vapers head to the vaping hobby after departing from the more harmful cigarette habit. After quitting smoking, vaping seems like a good substitute with even less nicotine and way fewer other harmful chemicals involved. But fairly quickly, a lot of these new vapers will find that the nicotine provided in the e-liquid they vape isn’t enough, nor is the satisfaction of pulling the same as from a cigarette. Therefore, these people will hop back to smoking cigarettes for a little while. Not long after, they’ll switch right back to vaping. This flip-flopping will continue until one habit is finally decided on. Little do many people know, that when you’re switching between vaping and smoking, it can often be more harmful. That’s why it’s absolutely important to stick with vaping, even if the urge to smoke comes close to being unbearable.

The most important effects of switching back and forth between vaping and regular cigarette smoking are usually more accelerated versions of what would happen from just traditional smoking. The most common effect is tooth staining. Tobacco will stain your teeth brown, and will ultimately wear down the enamel covering your teeth, leaving them more prone to cavities and brittleness. By going to vaping, your teeth will adjust and begin to repair some of the damage. But by switching back, your body won’t be able to deal with the assault on its immune system and the damage will be increased.

Another side effect of switching back and forth is that of bad breath. This effect is especially poor, as you’ll become accustomed to your own breath smell without releasing quite how bad it is. By switching between vaping and smoking, the microbial community inhabiting your mouth and throat will rapidly change and possibly die. This same microbial community is what influences both your sense of taste and how your breath smells. Altering that community will also influence the health of your mouth and throat.

If you want a real reason to quit smoking forever and switch to vaping full-time, it’s wise to look no further than cost. A smoker will on average spend about $2,000 per year on cigarettes alone - not to mention the possible health care costs that go along with smoking. In comparison, vaping will cost on average about $300-$500 for an entire year. That cost can even be reduced by building your own parts.

Vaping is a more technologically savvy and efficient hobby as well, and doesn’t expose you to the nearly 3,000 different chemicals that’re in cigarettes. Flip-flopping between the two habits will just add the two costs together, resulting in more money spent than is really necessary. To put it in perspective, adding the two costs together would be more than 600% more expensive than simply vaping alone.

Other health risks cannot be forgotten. Radiation levels in smokers are about 200 times that of normal people and of vapers, resulting in an increased likelihood of cancer. In fact, your risk of cancer drops significantly if you only vape. The health benefits of switching to vaping far outweigh the negatives that could impact you if you switch regularly between the two. So stick with one habit, and make sure you don’t switch too much. Your body with thank you when you stick to just vaping!

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