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Airway studies shows e-cigarette vapor produces similar result as air

Posted by The Vape Mall on

A story released a few weeks ago showed that scientists from MatTek and British American Tobacco used a variety of ways to test the effects of ecig vapor on a person's airway tissue vs that compared to regular cigarettes. They used a smoking robot in a lab. What they where able to do was measure aerosol irratiancy. This method could potentially help set a standard for tobacco alternative and tobacco products in the future.

Until now there haven't been any studies to show the effect on airway tissue. Researchers combines a 3D model of respiratory tissue to assess the irritation of vapor from two ecigs. The results showed that even though there where hours of use and exposure the impact of ecig vapor on the airway tissue isn't much different than the air we breathe. 

Another model called EpiAirway which consitsts of human tracheal/bronchial epithelial cells that have been cultured to form differentiated layers resembling epithelial tissue of the respiratory tract. Researchers tested both ecigs and regular cigarettes for up to 6 hours. The amount of mass on the cells was quantified using dosimtry tools to show that smoke and vapor had reached the tissue through exposure. The longer the cells where exposed, the larger dose they received. 

The results showed that cigarette smoke reduces cell viability to near death after 6 houses and the vapor/ecigs did not show much if any cell viability loss. The studies show that ecigs can potentially be a safer alternative than regular cigarettes. 


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