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A Breath of Vaping Fresh Air

Posted by David on

If you were once a cigarette smoker, you probably know very well how much smoking affects your breath. Because of the many ways in which cigarettes harm your oral health, it’s very common for people to develop chronically bad breath that offends everyone around them.

Now that you’re vaping, you might be wondering if your breath is going to take on some unfortunate odors from this new hobby. The good news is that vaping is far less likely to cause bad breath than smoking. In order to understand the ways in which vaping affects our breath, we’ve got to look into the unique ingredients that are in e-liquid as well as the ingredients that are found in traditional cigarettes.

Cigarettes and Your Oral Health

It’s an established fact that cigarettes severely threaten your overall oral health. Various studies have found that tobacco users are very likely to contract gum disease, a condition in which the gums become extremely inflamed. This allows bacteria to thrive beneath the gums, causing bad breath to occur.

Cigarettes can also cause tooth decay as tobacco interferes with the function of the salivary glands. Our salivary glands are responsible for washing away any bacteria that accumulates on our teeth throughout the day. When these glands become inflamed from cigarette exposure, they simply can’t do their job. As a result, bacteria can thrive on the surface of the teeth, slowly rotting them in the process.

The reason why cigarettes are so damaging to a person’s oral health has to do with the 600 or so ingredients found in tobacco. Many of these ingredients are toxins that damage the body on a cellular level.

Besides, cigarettes just don’t smell good. Cigarette smoke absorbs into the tissue of the mouth, causing its odor to permeate. As a result, people who smoke regularly tend to have breath that smells like cigarettes regardless of the last time they actually smoked.

How Does Vaping Affect Your Breath?

Unlike cigarettes, e-liquid contains only four ingredients, none of which are known to contribute to poor oral health. Therefore, vapers can enjoy their hobby to their heart’s content without putting themselves at risk of tooth decay, gum disease or any other oral health problems.

Plus, the vapor that’s produced by e-juice isn’t the same thing as cigarette smoke. Unlike smoke, vapor doesn’t tend to absorb into the tissue of the mouth. Therefore, its smell won’t linger in the way that cigarettes do. This is why vape clouds tend to disappear within seconds while cigarette smoke hangs like a heavy blanket in a room.

Vaping and Dry Mouth

The one thing that you might want to look out for as a vaper is dry mouth. The ingredients in e-liquid can temporarily dehydrate the mouth, causing it to become dry. When the mouth is dry, bacteria can thrive, creating temporary bad breath. However, this only really happens if a person is vaping an excessive amount of e-juice.

To avoid dry mouth, simply consume a good amount of water each day. This will keep your mouth hydrated while washing away bacteria.

Breathe Easy and Vape Away

Thanks to vaping, we can satisfy our nicotine-related needs without contributing to serious oral health conditions. It’s safe to say that vaping is a better alternative to smoking in just about every way imaginable.

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