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3 Key Tips For Taking Care of Your Drip Tips

Posted by David on

Drip Tip

Have you ever looked at your device and noticed your  drip tip looks awfully dirty? Then you realize you haven’t been taking care of your drip tip as well as you should, and go dutifully clean it. If you haven’t cleaned your drip tip in a long time, now is a perfect time to clean it—we’ll wait. While cleaning it, you should make a promise to yourself that you’ll keep your drip tip in tip-top shape all the time. Fortunately, we’ve a few major tips for taking care of those drip tips below.

Key Tip #1: Rinse Your Tip

If you’ve never cleaned your drip tip, take a minute to look inside when you take it off of your device. Whether it was on an e-cigarette or a vaporizer, you’ll be shocked at how much gross material has collected on the interior. And whether it’s dried saliva or food residue, you want to remove as much as possible since it hinders your vaping experience. Simply rinsing or soaking the tip with warm or hot water and scrubbing thoroughly will remove a ton of that gunk.

Key Tip #2: Don’t Use Alcohol

If you talk to some other vapers, they may tell you that using isopropyl alcohol is the best and cleanest way to get rid of the gunk on your tip. Although it is true that soaking your tip in alcohol will clean out nearly all of the gunk and associated germs, it is strongly recommended that you do not do this. Excessive soaking of certain materials that are commonly used in tips could result in cracking, completely ruining your tip. As previously mentioned, hot water will do the job nearly as well.

Key Tip #3: The Three-Minute Rule

Our final tip is something we like to call the ‘Three Minute Rule’. When you’re cleaning your tip, make sure you scrub it with hot water and good soap for at least three minutes. Many vapers will scrub once and call it a day. This doesn’t completely clean your tip. Take your time cleaning—after all, those tips are extremely important to your vaping experience.

Vapers often overlook the importance of cleaning drip tips. An in-depth cleaning of your tip, removing all of the gunk, will leave your device fresher than ever.

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