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Just CBD Herbal Shisha 500mg Tin

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Unlike regular shisha, CBD shisha contains no tobacco or nicotine. Rather, their components include powerful cannabidiol mixed with a blend of other natural ingredients, such as sugar, honey, glycerin and molasses. CBD infused shisha is known to create the large clouds of smoke often associated with hookahs and water pipes. It doesn’t make a person feel lightheaded. Yet, an individual can feel calm and cool from the best shisha CBD oil.

How to use Shisha?
Using a shisha to smoke your CBD oil is extremely easy. It all starts with getting the top CBD herbal shisha for sale. Then simply put the CBD product into the bowl of the hookah and place it in the downstem. Use a lighter to heat up the bowl and create smoke. Put your lips on the mouthpiece and inhale. Take the bowl out and breath in again to empty out the rest of the smoke. The benefits of the hemp CBD will be experienced right away.

Price is for a single tin of 500mg CBD Herbal Shisha only, no hardware or supplies are included.