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Why Should You Use Koi CBD Pain Relief Roll-On After Working Out?

Posted by David on

If you live an active lifestyle, then you know just how important it is to take care of your body when you’re not working out. After engaging in exercise, our body goes through the recovery process, and it’s crucial that we do everything that we can to support this natural process so that our muscles and joints can heal.

One product that many fitness enthusiasts are using for post-workout recovery is the Koi CBD Pain Relief Roll-On. Koi CBD has been a major player in the hemp industry for some time now, and it’s a company that hemp users and fitness enthusiasts like trust.

A New Workout Relief Topical Solution

The Koi CBD Pain Relief Roll-On is one of the most carefully formulated CBD topicals on the market today, and its cult following speaks to the unique potential that this particular product has to truly be effective. Intended for on-the-spot, targeted pain relief, its cannabinoid content binds with cannabinoid receptors in the skin, muscles, and joints through transdermal absorption, allowing the effects to peak within minutes and last for hours at a time.

Because of its roll-on applicator and compact size, it’s a great option for those who are always on the go, as it can fit easily into a fitness bag or car glove compartment. It’s extremely easy to apply and was developed to be completely mess-free.

But, obviously, what makes this roll-on stand out mostly has to do with its formula. The roll-on is made with broad spectrum hemp extract, which is completely free of THC, but boasts a wide array of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids that each offer something useful when applied to the skin. The 500mg concentration is perfect for aches and pains, and if that wasn’t enough, the formula boasts 10 percent menthol, a naturally derived cooling agent which provides almost instantaneous relief. Additionally, you’ll find a wide array of essential oils known for boasting anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity.

The Koi CBD Pain Relief Roll-On is made with the highest manufacturing standards within the hemp industry. The hemp itself is carefully sourced from a reputable farm, and the compounds are extracted using the CO2 method which promotes superior bioavailability, chemical stability, and purity. The hemp extract is thoroughly tested by a third-party lab, which reassures customers that the quality is exceptional.

Working Out and the Recovery Process

So, is the Koi CBD Pain Relief Roll-On really that useful after working out? Well, to answer that question, we have to understand what happens to the body during an exercise regimen. Each time we physically exert ourselves, we tear our muscular tissue, and this allows stronger tissue to take its place. But, if we’re not careful, we can end up damaging that tissue in a way that makes us prone to injury. So, how do we avoid that? We give the body the proper space to recover.

It's normal to feel sore after working out, due to this process. But, it’s important that we prioritize our support of the body’s natural recovery process to ensure that the pain is minimized, and that we don’t end up injuring ourselves while our muscles are healing. Because of the anti-inflammatory properties found within this roll-on formula, we can potentially stimulate the body’s natural healing process while easing the aches and pains that commonly occur when we physically stress our bodies.

Because the Koi CBD Pain Relief Roll-On uses natural, plant-based ingredients to produce its effects, we can use this product liberally as needed. Many fitness enthusiasts prefer this approach over taking heavy painkillers each day following their exercise regimens.

How to Use the Koi CBD Pain Relief Roll-On After Working Out

Now that you know what makes the Koi CBD Pain Relief Roll-On such a stellar product for post-workout, let’s talk about how to use it. One thing that’s great about this product is that it really couldn’t be easier to use.

Once you’re done exercising, all that you need to do is apply this roll-on to the muscles of the body that were worked during your fitness regimen. You can apply it liberally, and it will absorb quickly. You’re free to apply it more than one time a day as needed, and you can use it right before your next workout as well if you’re hoping to offset some soreness from the day before.

Get Your “Roll-On” Today!

Koi CBD Pain Relief Roll-On is a high-quality, expertly formulated hemp-based topical that makes a great post-workout companion. If you’re looking for something that has the potential to aid the body’s recovery process, this stellar roll-on is absolutely worth incorporating into your daily fitness regimen.

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