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Why Should You Consider Buying the Gordito Smell Proof Storage Pouch?

Posted by David on

The Gordito Smell Proof Storage Pouch is the ultimate stash pouch for your piece, dry herb, and other accessories. The most discreet pouch on the market, it’s perfect for traveling, or simply keeping your items secure and all in one place. If that wasn’t enough, it just so happens to be one of the most visually appealing stash bags on the market.

Everything There is to Know About the Gordito

ith a name like Gordito, you know that this isn’t your average bag for holding your piece and other related belongings. It’s a brilliantly designed and engineered stash pouch that’s super portable and compact, yet capable of handling all of your products while being totally smell-proof, and protective thanks to the unique padding design. Let’s elaborate by taking a closer look into each exciting detail.

Smell-Proof Means Maximum Discretion

Of course, the claim to fame of the Gordito is its smell-proof technology, and that’s legit. The advanced carbon filter system may look unassuming, but it actually does a flawless job at masking even the most pungent strains that are in your collection. This is a godsend to anyone who doesn’t necessarily want people around them to know that they’re carrying some herb with them as they go about their day.

It Can Fit All of Your Goods at Once

This pouch is designed to store a 4” glass piece, but it also has an interior pocket, which means that you can easily stash your flower, your grinder, your papers, your filters, and everything else in this pouch while being totally organized. This is far superior to having to travel with each component separately, and having to rummage through, say, a large backpack in order to find each individual piece, accessory, and herb stash.

Padded with Foam for Extra Protection

One of the major concerns of people who travel with glass pieces is durability. They don’t want a stash pouch that isn’t secure, and so if you accidentally knock the pouch into something, the glass is vulnerable to breaking. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about that. A 16mm layer of foam padding sits on the interior of this pouch, so that it can handle some movement throughout the day without any real risk of breaking your glass. The foam is high in quality as well, rather than being a cheap synthetic material, which means that it’s built to last no matter what, maintaining its shape and structural integrity for ages.

Aesthetically Appealing

A major edge that this pouch has over others is its gorgeous design, which looks nothing like your traditional stash pouch. Of course, that adds to its discretion as well, because such luxurious design elements are not associated with dry herb and glass pieces. It boasts a stunning camel-colored weave material with real leather accents and authentic metal attachments, and these design elements come together to give the pouch a major aesthetic boost. Meanwhile, the interior material is ultra-soft microfiber, which feels great in the hand, and acts as further protection as there is zero risk of it scratching your glass piece or any other items you have in your bag.

Has a Waterproof Design

It helps that the Gordito is totally waterproof, and that’s a big deal if you’re someone who frequently travels with your setup. No one wants their glass piece or their herb to get wet, as both can make it nearly impossible to enjoy a smoking session when the time comes. By offering a fully waterproof design, you can walk this pouch through a downpour and know that what’s inside is safe and dry.

It’s Lockable

Yes, the Gordito is also lockable! Many of us have people who we don’t want rummaging through our things or taking what’s in there, which is why this is the perfect stash pouch for you. The lockable zipper means that once the lock is activated, no one can get in except for you, so that you’ll know that no matter what, your gear is fully secure at all times.

Very Travel-Friendly

The pouch is 6.5”x4”x2”, and that’s a very travel-friendly size for your convenience. You can stash this pouch in your bag, glove compartment, or bookbag easily, without it taking up much space at all. It’s perfect for fitting into a suitcase for longer journeys, as it’s not bulky, and it won’t interfere with packing the rest of your belongings.

Is it Time to Switch to a Smell-Proof Stash Bag? Try the Gordito!

The Gordito is the ultimate stash pouch for anyone who wants a more discreet, travel-friendly, resilient, and luxurious-looking way to travel with their precious glass piece and accessories. It’s got all of the features you need to know that what’s inside is going to be kept safe at all times, and it offers gorgeous design features that really elevate the product as a whole. Of course, the biggest feature of all is its smell-proof design, and that alone makes it a totally worthwhile investment. If you’re on the market for a new way to stash your goods, head on over to The Vape Mall, and grab yourself the Gordito Smell-rProof Storage Pouch today!

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