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When Should a Person Increase, Decrease or Stick to the Same Topical CBD Milligram Strength?

Posted by David on

Are you a fan of CBD topicals? There are many aspects of this delivery method that make it widely appealing to hemp users. For one thing, it allows users to completely target one specific part of their body. It also has a very fast onset time, and can provide effects for hours upon hours. Additionally, CBD topicals are great for beginners who are still hesitant to consume cannabinoids and other hemp compounds internally.

One factor that determines how successful you are with your CBD topical usage is the milligram strength. But, it’s far from uncommon for users to find that the milligram strength they selected needs to be adjusted a bit in order to better accommodate their needs.

How the Milligram Strength of a Topical Determines Your Overall Experience

The milligram strength of a CBD product, for those who don’t know, refers to the potency level. All CBD product formulas contain more ingredients than just CBD. So, the milligram strength tells you how much of this actual extract you’re getting per application.

There are a few different ways in which the milligram strength determines the type of experience you’ll have.

#1: Potency

Like we said, the biggest factor affected by the milligram strength is potency. This means that those dealing with more severe issues will naturally want to seek out higher milligram strengths.

#2: Onset Time

Another factor that’s determined by the milligram strength is the onset time – as in, the time it takes before the effects of the CBD peak after application. Higher milligram strengths can provide a faster onset.

#3: Activation Period

Higher milligram strengths can also keep those compounds active for a longer period of time. The science is simple: the more milligrams you apply to your body, the longer it takes for your body to properly break them down.

When It’s a Good Time to Consider Changing the Milligram Strength

So, when should you play around with the milligram strength? Well, most experts will say that it can take two weeks before you can really gauge how well the CBD product is working. The endocannabinoid system is a relatively complex bodily system that utilizes CBD for regulatory purposes. The cannabinoid receptors in the skin, joints and muscular tissue are primarily triggered when CBD is applied in topical form. But, it seems that the endocannabinoid system may want to wait until CBD has been fed to these cannabinoid receptors for two weeks before it really does its job fully. So, at the very least, don’t adjust the milligram strength until two weeks of daily use. If you’re using it more sporadically, we suggest waiting a month before adjusting the milligram strength.

Of course, most topicals provide enough doses for an entire month. Therefore, the most logical time to consider adjusting your milligram strength is when you’ve run out of formula, and you’re about to purchase more.


So, who should consider increasing the milligram strength after waiting for the suggested amount of time? Well, if you’re using topical CBD to target something specific, which most people who use it are, then you’ll have a good idea by then whether or not it’s actually helping you accomplish your goals. If you’re finding that your situation is not improving, then by all means, increase the milligram strength.


It’s rare for a person to want to decrease the milligram strength. CBD seems to be easily processed by the body even in very high doses and concentrations, and when applied topically, it’s extremely unlikely that it will give potential side effects. Still, people have their reasons for wanting to lower the concentration. One major reason is money – higher milligram strengths are more expensive. If you find that the CBD topical you’ve been using has made a big difference in terms of your situation, and you’re on a budget, decreasing the milligram strength may be a desirable option for you.

Keeping it the Same

Of course, many topical users don’t see the need for adjusting the milligram strength at all. Many find that the product they use meets their needs just fine. If this is the case for you, then by all means, keep the milligram strength the same and keep enjoying what it has to offer.

CBD Topicals are a Great Way to Enjoy Relief in a Targeted Way

One of the major keys to having success using this delivery method is choosing the proper potency level. Use the information above to determine when you should consider adjusting your milligram strength, as well as when you should simply leave it be.

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